9/11: The New Pearl Harbour: What Really Happened on September 11, 2001? - buy the book here (special offer)



9/11: The New Pearl Harbor
Serious questions about 9/11. By far the most comprehensive analysis available.

New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies
An essential analysis of the New World Order conspiracy theory. Written primarily from journalistic and Christian perspectives, this work provides extensive evidence of the influence of secret societies and their various agendas on history and humanity.

The Occult Conspiracy
The powerful influence of secret societies in world history and current affairs.

The New World Order
An informative book with reliable and documented references, revealing an occult conspiracy behind the emerging New World Order.


Dajjal, The AntiChrist
This book is a serious and informative report on what many believe is a sinister conspiracy by secret societies to establish control over the population of the world. Striking comparisons are demonstrated between the direction of current international affairs and the ancient Muslim prophecy of the end of the world. This thought-provoking critique of capitalism and globalisation in the modern world reveals that the New World Order conspiracy is predicted in sacred Muslim texts.

Jesus Christ, Sun of God
A serious exploration of the archetypal and pagan motifs found in Christian mythology and symbolism, which also uncovers ingenious mathematical and cosmological teachings hidden in the Bible.

The Hiram Key
This is a fascinating review of the mysterious history of freemasonry in the light of information from ancient Egypt and Christian scripture. A revised version of historical events is proposed, and some intriguing solutions to unanswered questions such as the connection between the Knights Templar and the Freemasons.

Holy Blood, Holy Grail
No study of secret societies or occult conspiracy would be complete without reference to this classic best-selling theory about the Priory of Sion and the blood-line of Jesus Christ. This is one of the main sources used by Dan Brown to produce fictional modern Grail legend, The Da Vinci Code, the best-selling book of all time (apart from the Bible).

The Templars
A classic book, providing a first-class, thoroughly researched, brilliantly written text, and a serious, objective history of the Knights Templar, and the historically and politically important period known as the Crusades.

Jesus and the Goddess
This book demonstrates a relationship between Christianity and ancient pagan traditions, which is useful in understanding why an ostensibly Christian organisation such as the Knights Templar might have been in an occult conspiracy.

Templar Revelation
This is a book about Jesus, the development of Christianity, and the origins of certain heresies and secret or occult traditions. The authors illuminate numerous conspiracies, and share some interesting theories concerning Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and John the Baptist, supporting their ideas with some thought-provoking evidence from a range of sources. Special attention is afforded to the beliefs and traditions of certain well-known secret societies and religious sects.

The Mormon Conspiracy
The "Mormons" are a wealthy, powerful religious group in the USA, with thousands of "missionaries" actively seeking converts around the world, yet few outsiders know much about this tradition, especially its more secretive central beliefs. "A Review of present day and historical conspiracies by the Mormon (also known as LDS) Church to 'Mormonize' America... and the World."

The Sirius Mystery
Presenting some of the most significant and convincing evidence yet for alien intervention in human civilization. Life can occur in this universe under the correct conditions, because it already exists here. There is some evidence that intelligent beings from an advanced extraterrestrial civilisation have been in contact with Earth.

The Stargate Conspiracy
Try not to be deterred by the sci-fi sound of the title. This is a an interesting book which accurately documents a number of intriguing essential facts in this debate, and raising extremely serious concerns about the interest of certain organisations and individuals in the ongoing debate on the extraterrestrial intervention hypothesis.

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