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The icon of the female carrying the sword and scales is a universally recognised symbol of justice. But how many people appreciate that these are Masonic symbols? Law is a cornerstone of modern civilisation, and the modern legal system was founded and continues to be governed by Freemasons.

   The website of the University of Washington Library informs us that this famous icon of the woman with sword and balance represents Ma'at, the goddess of truth, balance, and order. Ma'at is a fundamental and fascinating Masonic concept, which originates in ancient Egypt.[1]

   Ma'at or Themis, Goddess of Justice

   The University of Washington School of Law website explains: "The origin of the Goddess of Justice goes back to antiquity. She was referred to as Maat by the ancient Egyptians and was often depicted carrying a sword with an ostrich feather in her hair to symbolize truth and justice. The term magistrate is derived from Maat because she assisted Osiris in the judgment of the dead by weighing their hearts."[2]

   Judges in courts of law are renowned throughout the world for banging their hammers on the table to call for "order" during court proceedings. The official website of the "Supreme Council, 33 Degree, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry", reminds us that the famous hammer and block of Judge's regalia are Masonic. Their page about Masonic symbols explains that: "...the gavel is an interesting symbol itself. It came from Masonry."[3]

   The new globalised form of justice which is gradually being introduced by United Nations, for instance through the International Court of Justice[4] or the International Criminal Court[5], continues the modern tradition of using ancient Masonic symbols in major international institutions.

   There is no doubt that the obvious Masonic symbolism adopted by the major institutions of human civilisation is a clear reflection of Masonic influence on the people in positions of power in the New World Order. For example, it common-knowledge that senior positions in our governments,[6] police,[7] legal,[8] financial,[9] and medical10 institutions, are held by Freemasons.

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