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British local newspaper reports Knights Templar connection in Hertfordshire

*** Hertfordshire is becoming a modern-day pilgrimage for students of the ancient mysteries, as its connections with the Knights Templar and other secret societies begin to emerge. A local newspaper has reported growing outside interest in this rural English home county. The area is like a beakon for those who seek ancient wisdom and truth about history and religion. Local landmarks, and some less well-known places, are a focal point of the "Quest for the Holy Grail". ***

ROYSTON Cave may hold the key in the search for the Holy Grail, the famous quest for Christ’s chalice dating back to Biblical times

Grail hunters are set to flock to the historic site following the publication of best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown.

The book has fuelled enormous interest in the grail, believed to have been used by Christ at the Last Supper and by Joseph of Arimathea to collect Christ’s blood on the cross.

On the trail are places where ancient fellowship of warriors the Knights Templar held sway — and Royston Cave is just one of the places in Hertfordshire which is steeped in Templar lore.

Unexcavated parts of the popular attraction may hold clues to the mystery and some people think there is a distinct possibility the ancient relic is hidden in one of the unexplored caverns.

Cave curator Peter Houldcroft expects to see Grail hunters, including Freemasons, a group connected with its secrets, dropping into the cavern.

He said: “I’ve had a couple of visits from Masons who are fascinated by the cave. I hope to see quite a few people with The Da Vinci Code tucked under their arm.

“I’ve read the book myself and it is a fascinating assembly of knowledge.”

Local historian and publisher David Perman, who believes grail hunters may also be visiting settlements of the knights in Hertford and Ware, said: “They will see Royston Cave as a possible place to find the grail. Maybe it is there — it’s a distinct possibility.”

Archaeologist Sylvia Beamon spent 25 years studying the cave and has published a book, Royston Cave: Used by Saints or Sinners?, outlining her theory that it was used by the Knights as a cellar and store for the goods they sold in the market.

She was a little more sceptical as to whether the hidden treasure was in the cave.

She said: “I think the Templar used the cave because of the symbols and signs there. I don’t know whether the Holy Grail is there, but I wouldn’t have thought it was real possibility. I do try to keep an open mind though!”

The Cambridge-educated historian explained that there are two quadrants in the cave that have yet to be explored and there is another cavern down the road, which she would love to see opened.

The Da Vinci Code has sparked enormous debate about the basic tenets of the Catholic Church.

It claims Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had children whom he wished to carry on his message, and that the Vatican blackened Mary’s name, calling her a prostitute in a bid to tarnish her image and to make Christ look more divine.

SOURCE: Hertfordshire Mercury (UK), "Holy Grail: Is it here?", page 3, 10 September 2004.
[ http://www.herts-essex-news.co.uk/mercury/news/story.asp?id=150387 ]

ALSO: Royston and Buntingford Mercury, front page, 10 September 2004.


Hertfordshire Mercury (UK), "Town may be a base for secret society", page 2, 17 September 2004.
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