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US foreign policy caused 9/11

The attacks of 11 September 2001 did not happen for no reason.

When a policy has disasterous consequences, who is to blame - the people who made the policy or the people who criticised the policy? The US government is trying to blame its critics for the negative results of its own foreign policy.


The Observer (UK), "Diplomat blames Irish media for hatred of America", 9 May 2004.
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    The Irish media have been accused of helping to fuel the anti-American hatred that led to the suicide attacks on 11 September, 2001.
Retired American diplomat George Dempsey has claimed sections of the Irish press and broadcasters share the responsibility for what happened in New York and Washington DC on 9/11. In an exclusive extract from his memoirs published next month, the former head of the United States Embassy's political section in Dublin has also launched a bitter critique of Irish foreign policy.
    On the Irish media's response to the attacks, Dempsey said: 'Let us be clear about this. The Irish media, in general, bear their share of the responsibility for what happened in the United States. For far too long in this country there has been a prevailing view, which denigrates and condemns and even vilifies American foreign policy. Many of these venomous falsehoods - such as claims that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed in the Gulf war - have continued to spill out over Irish airwaves this last week. The hatred of America, which drove the suicidal terrorists, doesn't flourish in a global vacuum.'

"The Insider" mailing list article, 09 May 2004.

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