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US allowed UN bomb in Baghdad

The US government could have prevented the bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Iraq's capital city, but they did not.

Mr Ahmad Chalabi, a member of Iraq's interim governing council, has admitted that on August 14th the US government was informed about the plot to use a truck bomb in a large-scale attack "aimed at a soft target in Baghdad". The US military bases in Baghdad are all hard, fortified targets, leaving the UN offices as the only soft target available for Arab aggression against the foreign occupation. There are also reports that UN officials actually asked troops not to protect the building.

While Western media portray the attack on the UN building in Baghdad as a setback for the US, in fact it helps the US government to achieve two key objectives. US officials were quick to exploit the incident, pointing the finger of blame at Iraq's neighbours, Syria and Iran, thus undermining political opposition to military action against these regimes. The US also used the opportunity to invite foreign troops to Iraq, but only under American command, thus legitimising the occupation and releasing US military resources for the next conquest.

The time has come for all the nations of the Earth to be "Westernized." Those nations that could not be persuaded by political and economic pressure have been weakened by it and will now be taken by force. A new age is dawning, the world is ripe, and the harvest had begun.


BBC News, "UN concerns over Baghdad security", 21 August 2003.
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    The United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has insisted the US-led coalition powers in Iraq are responsible for security around the bombed UN building in Baghdad.
    But he stopped short of blaming the United States for not preventing the attack, saying both the UN and the US had made mistakes.
    At least 20 people were killed in Tuesday's truck bomb explosion, including the UN special representative for Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello.
    "I don't know if the UN did turn down an offer for protection, but if it did, it was not correct and it shouldn't have been allowed to turn it down," Mr Annan said.
    The US administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremer, said the bomb may have been planted by "foreign terrorists".
    The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which is helping Iraqi police investigate the bombing, said up to 1,500 lb (680 kg) of explosives, including shells and grenades, were used in the attack.
    "These munitions were probably in the possession of Iraqi military during Saddam's regime," said FBI agent Thomas Fuentes.
    "Someone with access to large military cache put them on truck and drove it down an open street."
    A member of Iraq's interim governing council, Ahmad Chalabi, said the council warned the US of a possible terror attack days before the blast.
    He said he received information on 14 August that a truck would be used in a large-scale terror attack "aimed at a soft target in Baghdad".

Daily Telegraph (UK), "US 'was warned about Baghdad bombing'", 20 August 2003.
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    The American military was warned that terrorists were planning a "large-scale" attack on a "soft target" in Baghdad five days before yesterday's truck bombing of the UN's Iraqi headquarters...


The Debate - Who's next after Iraq?
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