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Dr Kelly predicted his own assassination

The British government's top expert on Iraq's weapons programme knew his life would be in danger after the war, the official inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly heard today.

As Britain's leading expert on the subject, Dr Kelly knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He feared he would be assassinated if he betrayed the government by exposing their excuse for invading Iraq as a fraud.

David Broucher, the former British ambassador to Prague, told the Hutton inquiry that Dr Kelly had confided in him during a meeting in Geneva. The scientist was worried about being "found dead in the woods."

Dr Kelly's prediction was chillingly accurate. Had he been warned? Within a few days of being exposed as the "mole" who told journalists that the government lied about the reasons for invading Iraq, Dr Kelly's body was found by police in the woods a mile from his home. He had bled to death.

Two key facts stand out from the evidence given today by the senior British diplomat Mr Broucher, both of which are being played down in a damage limitation exercise by officials through the mass media.

Firstly, it is indisputable that what Dr Kelly was referring to was a fear of being assassinated, and moreover in a manner wholly consistent with the actual circumstances of his death. Secondly, it emerged that Dr Kelly had personally assured Iraqi officials that their country would not be attacked as long as they complied with United Nations weapons inspections, which proves beyond any doubt that, in the opinion of this man who was more qualified than any other to know, there was no WMD threat in Iraq.

Mr Broucher made it clear that he did not think Dr Kelly was referring to Iraqi assassins. Tonight's TV news reports implied the opposite and ommitted this part of his statement, which is quoted below beneath the primary source for this article.

When you read tomorrow's headlines spare a thought for David. Pause for a moment to consider recent events, because history remember this as defining period in the dawn of the new millennium and the end of the present era.


BBC News, "Kelly's talk of death in the woods", 21 August 2003.
[ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/3170593.stm ]

    "The implication was that if the invasion went ahead, that would make him a liar and he would have betrayed his contacts, some of whom might be killed as a direct result of his actions," he said.

    "I asked him what would happen then. He replied, in a throwaway line, he would probably be found dead in the woods."

    Mr Broucher said he had thought Dr Kelly was talking about possible Iraqi vengeance.

    "I now see that he may have been thinking on rather different lines," he added.

BBC News, "Kelly revelation shocks press bench", 21 August 2003.
[ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/3171477.stm ]

    It takes a lot to shock journalists, but a UK diplomat's revelation that Dr David Kelly had told him he would probably be "found dead in the woods" if the UK invaded Iraq did just that.

    An audible gasp went up as David Broucher told the Hutton inquiry how the weapons expert had made what he thought was a "throwaway" remark during a meeting in Geneva.

    This low-voiced former British ambassador to Prague - now a permanent representative to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva - had until Thursday morning not even been expected to give evidence.

    Even the stenographer's note had prepared us for another witness - Ben Bradshaw, the government minister.

    Until this mystery man's appearance it had been a fairly pedestrian day.

Daily Mirror, "MoD officials slam dossier spin", front page, 12 August 2003.
[ http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/allnews/page.cfm?objectid=13282493&method=full ]

    Dr Kelly WAS top Iraq weapons expert
    The inquiry also heard that Dr David Kelly, dismissed as a Walter Mitty fantasist by a No10 spokesman, was in fact Whitehall's leading expert on Iraqi weapons programmes and one of the world's most respected microbiologists.

Daily Telegraph, "Dr Kelly found out how lonely it can be at the top", 11 August 2003.
[ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2003/08/11/do1101.xml ]

    Dr Kelly belonged to the Scientific Civil Service, in which he had spent most of his life, progressing by merit and hard work to the top of his career ladder.


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