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UK government unable to explain Dr Kelly's death

The British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, "sidestepped" the questions he faced yesterday about the unexplained death of Dr David Kelly, the man who revealed that the public were deliberately mislead about the motives for invading Iraq.

The Prime Minister refused to answer any questions about the mysterious circumstances surrounding Dr Kelly's death, and instead used the forum as an opportunity to try and persuade voters that the government has fullfilled its pre-election promises. Blair gave a personal assurance that his appetite for power is "undiminished".

The real question still remains, if weapons were not the true reason for invading Iraq, what was?

If you are looking for answers, start here: http://www.thedebate.org


BBC News, "Blair ducks the hard questions", 20 July 2003.
[ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/3109111.stm ]

    He refused to be drawn into questions about his resignation if no weapons of mass destruction are found - probably his most uncomfortable moment.

    He ducked questions about his own conscience, insisting everyone would have to "learn lessons" from the awful events surrounding Dr Kelly's death.

    And he continued his gradual shifting of the justification for the war on Iraq - giving as much weight to regime change and the possible link between Saddam Hussein's WMD and terror groups as he gave to the threat from Iraq.

    The whole proceedings had kicked off with an interminable briefing, with projected graphs, pie charts and the like, from the head of the prime minister's delivery unit.

    It was intended to show how the government was delivering on its pledges.

BBC News, "Blair fends off Kelly questions", 31 July 2003.
[ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/3106857.stm ]

    Tony Blair has fended off questions over the death of weapons expert Dr David Kelly - but acknowledged that trust in his government was an issue which he had to confront.

    Mr Blair, who said his appetite for power remained "undiminished" despite his recent troubles, said he understood the "very legitimate questions" to be asked over Dr Kelly's death. ...

"The Insider" mailing list article, 31 July 2003.

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