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29 May: BBC defence correspondent Andrew Gilligan says a senior British official has told him that the government's dossier on Iraq, published last September, was "sexed up" against the wishes of the intelligence services. The BBC did not name the source that revealed that the government deliberately decieved the public about the motives for the conquest of Iraq.

19 June: Mr Gilligan gives evidence on his claims to the Commons foreign affairs committee inquiry on the government's presentation of the case for war in Iraq.

8 July: The Ministry of Defence says an official - later named as Dr David Kelly - has come forward to say he met Mr Gilligan and discussed Iraq's weapons on 22 May.

15 July: Dr Kelly gives evidence to the foreign affairs committee after it reopens its inquiry. Committee members say they do not believe Dr Kelly was the source of Mr Gilligan's story and say he was badly treated by the MoD.

17 July: Mr Gilligan gives evidence again to the committee in a "private" or "closed" session. He was under pressure by the government, which owns the BBC, to reveal the identity of his informer. He probably named his source, but it would have to be keep secret to avoid deterring future "sources".

17 July: Dr Kelly goes out for a walk at about 1500 BST. Paul Weaver, a local farmer, saw Dr Kelly smiling as he enjoyed a popular walking route along a footpath about a mile from his home, shortly after 3 PM. Weaver was the last witness to see the scientist alive. Dr Kelly's family contact police at 2345 BST when he does not return home.

18 July: Police find Dr Kelly's dead body.

18 July: Blair promises independent judicial inquiry, but the key witness is now dead.

19 July: Police confirm that Dr David Kelly is dead. His wrists were cut and a bottle of pain killers were found at the scene. There was no evidence of any third party being involved.


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