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The military insider accused by the British government of informing the media about the falsification of evidence to justify the conquest of Iraq has gone missing. Police and helicopters are searching the Oxfordshire countryside for 59-year-old Dr David Kelly.

This is the most unlikely conspiracy theory of the week, because when Dr Kelly was called as a witness before the official inquiry it was immediately clear that he could not possibly have had access to the information that was leaked to the BBC.

Dr Kelly's disappearance, the latest episode in the high-profile soap opera about the fake intelligence that won support for the war on Iraq, provides yet another convenient distraction from the real question:

If the true reason for the war on Iraq was not weapons of mass destruction, what was the real motive?


The Debate - "Iraq War Motives"
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BBC News, "MoD expert goes missing", 18 July 2003.
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    The weapons expert named by the government as the possible source for a BBC report on Iraq has gone missing, police have said.

    Government adviser David Kelly, 59, went missing from his home in Southmoor, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, at about 1500 BST on Thursday.

    Thames Valley Police are appealing for help from the public to help find Dr Kelly and the police helicopter is being used in the search.

    His family contacted the police when he failed to return by 2345 BST.

    Earlier this week, Dr Kelly denied being the BBC's main source for a story claiming Downing Street had "sexed up" a dossier about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

    He appeared before the Commons foreign affairs committee on Tuesday. ...


BBC News, "Blair makes significant tone change", 17 July 2003.
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    ... So, as the Washington speech again demonstrated, Mr Blair is preparing the ground for a fresh justification for war in the event WMD never turn up.

    In that event he will state that removing Saddam Hussein was justification enough.

    This is all a million miles away in tone from the pre-war hype.

18 July 2003, 1040 BST

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