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Matrix Reloaded incorporates a whole sub-plot, akin to a wisdom allegory from the ancient mysteries, accessible only to enlightened conspiracy theorists.

The first Matrix film only hinted at this hidden meaning, calling the real world "Zion" after the ancient Hebrew name for Jerusalem, and referring to the protagonist, Neo, as "The One" which is an ancient classical term for God and also has a messianic tone. The first film introduced us to a ship named the "Nebuchadnezzar" after the King of Babylon whose reign is chronicled the ancient Hebrew scriptures and the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, who dreamed a vision (Daniel 2.1) which was interpreted in a way that is as relevant to the movie plot as it is at this present time...

In Matrix 2 the hidden meaning of the plot was confirmed. Neo became known as "The Messiah." We learned the name of a new ship, "the Logos", which is the ancient Gnostic term found in the prologue to John's Gospel in the original Greek version of the New Testament of the Bible: "In the beginning was the Logos... and the Logos was God..." (John 1.1).

The new story also features a French aristocratic character called the "Merovingian", which certain secret societies believe is the family name of the Merovingian dynasty that possesses the Holy Grail, or the Royal Blood, which is protected by the Knights Templar. In other words, the Merovingians are the descendants of Christ. According to medieval European legend, Mary Magdalene, symbolized by the letter "M," was the wife of Jesus. The Merovingian character in the Matrix lived in a chateau in the mountains where the letter "M" is seen in the decorations all over the house. At the climax of the film The Messiah meets the being who designed the Matrix - the world around us - and the character is called "The Architect" which is the name reserved for God in Masonic secret societies.

Matrix 2 also refers to something called "the Osiris", which is the name of an ancient Egyptian God. Osiris was symbolically killed and resurrected, becoming Horus, born of a virgin, the archetypal son and a prototype for Jesus.

  "By the rivers of Babylon,
  Where we sat down,
  Where we wept,
  When we remembered Zion."


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