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US politician sold North Korea nuke factories

The US Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, was a Director of ABB when the company sold nuclear weapons technology to North Korea.

The Swiss news agency, SwissInfo, discovered that Rumsfeld was involved when the Swiss-based corporation supplied the North Korean government with two nuclear reactors. As one of the biggest share-holders, Rumsfeld profited when his company provided the rogue state with the ability to manufacture nuclear missiles, personally earning a huge fortune.

    "Donald Rumsfeld, the US secretary of defense, was on
    the board of technology giant ABB when it won a deal to
    supply North Korea with two nuclear power plants."[1]

Mr Rumsfeld was re-elected to the Board of Directors on 18 March 1999 at ABB's first Annual General Meeting after the new company was formed by a merger.[2] ABB announced that the contract to arm North Korea with nuclear capability on 20 January 2000.[3] Rumsfeld's resignation was announced on 20 March 2001.[4] An ABB spokesperson informed SwissInfo that Rumsfeld "was at nearly all the board meetings" during his decade on the Board of Directors.

The Western media are playing-down the latest Rumsfeld scandal by creating the impression that Rumsfeld's reactors were suitable for nothing more dangerous than a radioactive or "dirty" bomb. In fact the US government was so terrified that Rumsfeld's reactors were being "misused" to produce weapons-grade plutonium that they paid the North Korean dictator $95 million dollars of tax-payers money to replace them. The US President, Bush himself, claimed that removing Rumsfeld's reactors was "vital to the national security interests of the United States".[5]

The US government have a long history of foreign policy that endangers world peace and security. The US government supported Osama bin Laden before 11 September, financing his organisation in Afghanistan with $300 billion dollars from the American tax-payer, and the American people paid a far greater price when the terrorists attacked.[6] The US government includes Iraq alongside North Korea in the "axis of evil", and Rumsfeld personally supplied Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction too.[7]

The reactors which Rumsfeld's company sold to North Korea are known to be capable of producing quantities of enriched plutonium that can be used to build nuclear warheads. This is why the UN deployed IAEA nuclear weapons monitors at the Pyongyang nuclear facility:

    "Jared S. Dreicer, a technical staff member at the Los
    Alamos National Laboratory , says that 5.8kg of
    plutonium is an upper bound, but that 4.0kg is a more
    realistic figure for the maximum amount of plutonium
    that North Korea could have extracted from this
    reactors' spent fuel over the years."[8]

The Rumsfeld reactors scandal represents an ongoing US government policy of supporting, funding and arming dangerous regimes and terrorist networks, then forcing the American people to clean up the mess. Do Americans trust their leaders too much?

US politicians are selling weapons to our enemies, taking the profits, putting the American people in danger, and then using it as an excuse to invade and conquer.

Why do ordinary Americans always seem to fall for it?


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The Guardian (UK), "The two faces of Rumsfeld", front page, 9 May 2003.
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    ... The current defence secretary sat on the board from 1990
    to 2001, earning $190,000 a year. ...

    The sale of the nuclear technology was a high-profile contract.
    ABB's then chief executive, Goran Lindahl, visited North
    Korea in November 1999 to announce ABB's "wide-ranging,
    long-term cooperation agreement" with the communist
    government. ...

    The company also opened an office in the country's capital,
    Pyongyang, and the deal was signed a year later in 2000. ...

    A spokesman for ABB told the Guardian yesterday that
    "board members were informed about the project which
    would deliver systems and equipment for light water
    reactors". ...

    "One could draw the conclusion that economic and
    personal interests took precedent over non-proliferation," said
    Steve LaMontagne, an analyst with the Centre for Arms
    Control and Non-Proliferation in Washington. ...

    Many members of the Bush administration are on record as
    opposing Mr Clinton's plans, saying that weapons-grade
    nuclear material could be extracted from the type of light
    water reactors that ABB sold. ...

    One unnamed ABB board director told Fortune magazine that
    Mr Rumsfeld was involved in lobbying his hawkish friends on
    behalf of ABB. ...

    Mr Bush now insists that he will only negotiate a new deal
    with Pyongyang after the nuclear programme is scrapped. ...

"The Debate" - Iraq
[ http://www.thedebate.org ]

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