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Rendlesham Forest witness admits receiving antimatter formula during UFO encounter

A military witness with Top Secret US/NATO clearance, now terminally ill,
has revealed after 39 years of silence that during his UFO experience he
received scientific information -- including a "formula" comprising two
mathematical equations concerning anti-gravity, anti-matter, and
propulsion, with reference to multi-dimensional physics up to 10D. The
potential importance of this new revelation from the Rendlesham Forest
Incident is so obvious, there's no need to spell it out here.

The complete interview, obtained last week by The Analysis, is available at
the link below together with a detailed report:

[ ]

"The Insider" mailing list article, 08 August 2019.

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Tags: Rendlesham Forest Incident, UFO, UAP, Michel Stacy Smith, , conspiracy theories.

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