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Meteor wave -- asteroid activity is increasing dramatically

The Earth has been experiencing a notable period of meteorite events,
in the final weeks of 2012.

UPDATE: Meteor explodes over Russia -- 15 Feb 2013 0800 GMT.
UPDATE: At least 1000 injured by Russian meteor (BBC, Reuters)
UPDATE: There was also a separate unconfirmed
incident in Canada around the same period. meteor More details
UPDATE: A few hours later, a meteor fireball was observed over
California, and there was also a similar incident over Cuba within the
same window of a few hours.

It seems there have been more significant asteroid incidents lately.
Fireballs in the sky, as well as Near Earth Objects observed by NASA.
It's as though we're entering a meteor shower or some sort of hot

If we plot a graph of the most spectacular fireball incidents over time,
the graph rises sharply starting October 2012 and is still rising steeply
upwards. How long before this meteor wave peaks? And is the biggest
space rock of the 2012 meteor wave yet to come? Asteroid 2012 DA14
will skim Earth on 15 February 2013 with a low risk of impact, and there
are plenty more like it still undiscovered.

Examples of major fireballs in the sky: Punjab in India on 17 Dec,
Calgary USA on 16 Dec, Maryland and Virginia in USA on 13 Dec, two
incidents over Ontario in Canada on 12 Dec, Black Sea in Turkey 11
Dec, Texas in USA on 7 Dec, Malta on 4 Dec, over Missouri and Illinois
in USA on 4 Dec, Rhode Island on 3 Dec, Poland on 29 Nov, Georgia
USA on 29 Nov, North-east US on 28 Nov, Queensland in Australia 26
Nov, California and Nevada in USA 24 Nov, Georgia and Tennessee on
19 Nov, Vancouver in Canada on 15 Nov, Bay Area of San Francisco in
USA on 17 October, etc! In the recent meteor wave, spectacular
fireballs in the sky are have often been accompanied by other
phenomena such as loud noises, seismic vibrations, and in Texas
reports of "northern lights" type effects in the sky during the event and
power lines in 5 separate counties burst into flames the previous day.
(Interestingly, it's theoretically possible that the swarm of power line
fires were caused by dust from disintegrating meteorites or shooting
stars -- often rich in iron and sometimes solid metal: "One power
company technician told a News 10 reporter near McGregor that the
fires likely were caused by a build up of dust on transformers that
shorted out due to low-lying fog.")

2013 will be an historic year for comets, with two spectacular near
passes scheduled, one of which is billed as the brightest comet to be
seen in the sky in the history of our species -- it's expected to be
visible even in day time and to outshine a full moon.

So far none of these meteors has been big enough to cause significant
damage, however if the planet is passing into a meteorite hot spot
there might be a bigger one coming soon.

Author: T. Acheson
Published: 12 December 2012
Updated: 12 December 2012
Updated: 15 February 2013


Bright green fireball expodes over Poland, resulting in shockwave and
'mighty roar' [2 March 2013]

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asteroid on March 4

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sighting over state in just five days

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Fireball streaks across California skies: three shooting stars in one day

Fireball Streaks Across Bay Area Sky

Meteorite fireballs streak across skies over Cuba and San Francisco

Suspected meteor explosion reported in Cuba, 15 February 2013

Meteor Strikes Russia While Asteroid Misses Earth
"A meteor crashed into a community in Russia’s Ural mountains earlier
today, injuring at least 950 people (BBC)..."

Fireball season:

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Russian meteor explosion reportedly injures over 400 people

Meteorite shower hits Russia injuring at least 100 people as schools
are evacuated and people warned to stay indoors

Meteor Crash Reportedly Injured Over 100 People In Russia

A meteor streaked across the sky over Russia early today, causing
explosions & reportedly injuring around 100 people

Holy crap! #Meteorite crashes in Russia and panic spreads as 150-foot
asteroid approaches Earth


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underway to check the authentic... (9 Feb 2013)

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magnitude star after March 10: I... (26 Jan 2013)

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January 2013: Bob Young's be... (16 Jan 2013

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stunned by a sudden whitish-... (16 Jan 2013)

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American Meteor Society ... (13 Jan 2013)

Even more mystery booms reported in Utah, California: They showed
up this week in Oklahoma, wer... (9 Jan 2013)

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was it? The loud explosi... (9 Jan 2013)

Meteor sighting in skies over Moose Jaw, Canada: Moose Jaw resident
Greg Wheler saw a meteor in... (9 Jan 2013)

'Meteor' found by Saudi man near his house: A Saudi man has found a
solid object that he believ... (8 Jan 2013)

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Fireball and explosion in sky over Santiago del Estero, Argentina:
Google translation: The quie... (6 Jan 2013)

Unexplained "boom" regularly echoing over Guthrie, Oklahoma: No
one knows what's causing it, bu... (5 Jan 2013)

Alaska authorities silent on cause of booming noise: Anchorage -
Southcentral Alaska authorit... (5 Jan 2013)

Spectacular green fireball turns night into day above Northwestern
Washington and Southwestern ...  (3 Jan 2013)

Source of loud boom in Red Bank remains a mystery: Lexington
County, SC (WIS) - Residents of Re...  (3 Jan

Comet Shower at Captain Cook's Monument: An obelisk dedicated to
Captain Cook sits atop of Easb... (3 Jan 2013)

Bright fireball wows Californians, 27 December 2012: 27 December
2012 - Joe Corona, California ... (28 Dec 2012)

Two bright fireballs reported over Southwestern U.S., 21 December
2012: Colorado, Utah Daytime ... (23 Dec 2012)

2012 saw record number of meteorite falls so far this century


Newly Discovered Asteroid Zips Past Earth
"A newfound asteroid gave Earth a close shave yesterday, zipping
between our planet and the moon just two days after astronomers first
spotted it. ... Astronomers estimate that 2012 XE54 is about 120 feet
wide -- big enough to cause substantial damage if it slams into Earth
...  4179 Toutatis, a 3-mile-wide behemoth that's in the process of
flying by Earth now. ... would inflict devastating damage if it slammed
into Earth, perhaps extinguishing human civilization. ..."

Reports: Huge fireball lights up evening sky over Punjab, India, 17
December 2012

Calgarian left scratching head over odd light in night sky

Two separate fireballs, arriving 1.5 hours apart, fragment over Ontario,
Canada, 12 December 2012

12-12-2012 "Meteorite Crash" In Sweden (Pictures)

Meteorite lights up sky, falls into the Black Sea off northern Turkish

NASA confirms North Texas fireball

Power poles burst into flames in Texas one day before Fireball

Ball of fire' over Malta may have been a shooting star

'Brighter than Venus' - Meteor streaks across Missouri and Illinois

Rhode Island residents hear boom, see lights, over Narragansett Bay

Spectacular blue-green fireball fragments over Hungary and Poland, 29
November 2012

Fireball trailing 'red fire' falls over Georgia, USA, 29 November 2012

Multi-colored full moon-sized fireball with enormous trail blazes over
Northeastern US, 28 November 2012

Fireball "bright as the moon" seen across California and Nevada, 24
November 2012

Daytime fireball explodes over Queensland, Australia, leaves visible

Fireball seen from Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee caught on NASA
Allsky cameras, 19 November 2012

Green fireball observed over Vancouver, 15 November 2012

Meteor over Cheshire, UK, 21 Sep 2012


NASA JPL: upcoming close approaches to earth

A frightening visualisation of asteroid discovery from 1980 to 2011


Close Approach of Asteroid 2012 DA14
"What time will 2012 DA14 be visible in Asia/Middle East/Europe? This
blog has some excellent info, graphics"

Watch asteroid buzz Earth

Asteroid 'big enough to flatten London' set to narrowly miss Earth

Huge asteroid hurtling towards Earth will fly past our planet so close it
will go UNDER many man-made satellites
"A 150-foot asteroid orbiting Earth called 2012 DA14 will pass so close
to Earth it will fly UNDER man-made satellites orbiting our planet.
Nasa's Impact Risk report said that the odds of the space rock actually
hitting our planet are very low indeed - but on February 15 next

UFO reports have also increased:

"The Insider" mailing list article, 14 December 2012.

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