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News media manipulation exposed by freelance journalist's Twitter rant

A freelance journalist based in the Middle East has exposed gross
manipulation of news reports in a major newspaper, in a case that
bears the hallmarks of an official propaganda mechanism. This
distortion of the news only came to light because the journalist was so
angry about the extent of the deception that he risked his career by
posting details on Twitter.

Rob Crilly had submitted an article to the Daily Telegraph reporting
that in Libya the "NTC (National Transitional Council) hadn't decided
policy". But Neville Dean, the editor in charge of the foreign news desk
at the national newspaper, rewrote this sentence to say "the new
Libyan government refused to work with western governments".

Does Dean have a relationship with British or US intelligence services,
and if so what is the nature of that relationship? The Telegraph has
been caught red-handed inserting state propaganda into news stories
in the past, through staff employed by the newspaper.


Evening Standard, "Reporter's Twitter rant to 2 million readers: Boss
screwed me over story", 11 October 2011.


British Journalism Review. "Britain�s security services and journalists:
the secret story", Vol 11, No 2, 2000, pp 21-26.
[ http://www.bjr.org.uk/data/2000/no2_leigh.htm ]
    [This article refers to Con Coughlin, who many people think of as an
ordinary newspaper executive, journalist, and author. Con works for the
Daily Telegraph, and wrote a popular book called "Saddam Hussein:
King of Terror". But Con is in fact a propaganda writer working for the
British secret service. His links with MI6 were exposed during a libel
case. His name "Con" turns out to be apt; an insightful pun.
    Con and others have produced volumes of material demonizing
Saddam Hussein, and their stories are repeated again and again in the
mass media. The MI6 version of events has therefore become
accepted as common knowledge in the West. This is a typical example
of state-controlled brainwashing.
    The secret service is like a chronic systemic infection in the mass
media network. The propaganda of the Establishment pollutes the
daily mass media efflux with disinformation and spin. The opinions of
most people in the West are based on deception.]
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