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'UFO' incidents at US nuclear missile facilities

How concerned should we be about incidents involving "UFOs" at nuclear weapons bases, including incidents in which nuclear missiles were disabled, incidents in which a live launch sequence was started, in the US, Russia, Britain, and elsewhere?

Patrick McDonough, USAF Nuclear Missile Site Geodetic Surveyor:

Charles Halt, USAF Colonel
(Deputy Base Commander at the Rendlesham Forest nuclear weapons facility in Britain)

Bruce Fenstermacher, Combat Crew Commander, USAF Captain
(FE Warren AF Base, 400 SMS, 1974-76)

Robert Jamison, USAF Nuclear Missile Targetting Officer

Capt. Robert Salas, USAF / Pentagon

US Press Association Conference, Q&A

It may be worth noting that, if the origin of these objects is extraterrestrial, the circumstances demonstrate a profound understanding and intimate knowledge of mankind and our technology.


Did UFO cause power failure at nuclear missile base? Missile technicians claim sightings coincided with October outage
- 50 nuclear weapons lost touch with control centre
- Blackout lasted almost an hour says Air Force
- President Obama told of power supply interruption
(Daily Mail / CNN)


One of the most interesting "UFO" incidents that has occurred in the UK, the Cosford evvent. This short clip from a TV documentary interviews official witnesses from the Ministry of Defense, including eye-witnesses and the Deputy Director of the military's UFO investigation unit:

Alaska incident, 55 minute encounter, over 350 miles, involving a Japan Air 747 flight, a senior pilot, tracked on both military and civilian radar.

Belgian UFO Wave of 1989

O'Hare Airport, USA, multiple official witnesses


Testimony of commercial airline pilot about two 1-mile wide disc-shaped "UFOs" in British airspace.

Peruvian Air Force scrambled Sukhoi-22 fighter jets to intercept a "spherical UFO" in restricted military air space, ordered to shoot-down the object, fighter pilot testifies that his weapons "had no effect", and in subsequent attempts to engage the object performed impossible evasive manovres. An "cream" coloured dome-shape object, with a surface that appeared "enamelled", estimated at 30m in diameter.

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