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USA in financial meltdown -- but Israel still wants more money

US government cannot pay its debts, but Israel is asking for more cash as usual

Stocks lower as anxiety grows over looming threat of U.S. debt default


Stocks lower as anxiety grows over looming threat of U.S. debt default (2011)


Israel wants 20 Billion more (2011)

US regime promises Israel THIRTY BILLION DOLLARS from American tax-payers -- a 25% increase! (2007)

Israel asks America for $12 billion dollars more (2003)

Israel wants $450 million extra from US for new Nazi-style checkpoints (2005)

US taxes pay $700 million more aid to Israel than to all Africa (2002)

Israel secretly sells American nuclear weapons to China (2004)

Israel caught spying on America again (2004)


This article was restored from backup after being hacked -- within a week of us naming and shaming Google as a company which actively provides free hosting for a major hacking network:

It was a lame automated brute force attack, but very inconvenient for people working hard to produce this website -- and what makes this especially stupid is that this website clearly agrees with most of what the hackers in question are saying.

It's lame to attack a website for making a stand. It's beyond lame to do so when the hackers are blindly deleting articles that actually agree with most of what the hackers themselves are saying in their own activism literature.

Err, take a closer look my friends, you attacked a website that supports your cause. Doh! That doesn't mean we can't be critical, too. We say it how it is. That's no grounds for a cyber attack.

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