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British prime minister admits cosy secret relationship between media corporations

The prime minister of Britain, David Cameron, has publicly admitted the "cosy" covert relationship between politicians and the corporate mass media, and even acknowledged that it is wrong,

Cameron made his confession in an attempt to distance himself from the emerging News of the World phone hacking scandal, in which Rupert Murdoch's media empire has been caught illegally hacking into the phones of numerous high-profile people, while paying illegal bribes to senior police officers in key roles such as royal protection. There are also clear indications of blackmail being used to control those involved on the periphery of the vast Zionist media conspiracy, for example police officers explaining that they concealed the truth because they feared that "dirt" on them (e.g. extra-marital affairs) would be revealed.

Murdoch is a Jewish Zionist and a "kingmaker". He controls the world's largest news media network. The only larger media organization in the world is Disney. The Sun, which is just one of the tabloid newspapers he owns in Britain, is read by more people than all the broadsheet newspapers combined, bestowing upon him the power to control voters and determine election results. He personally held a special meeting with the current British prime minister (David Cameron) before he was elected, and a special meeting with the previous prime minister (Tony Blair) before he was elected. His newspapers openly boasted that it was their influence that decided the election result.

Democracy only works correctly if voters are informed, but it is abundantly clear that Zionist-controlled corporate media operations are exploiting the Achilles-heel of democracy and subverting and manipulating democratic elections.


"Cameron: We all turned a blind eye to abuses as we sought press favour" (Evening Standard, 8 July 2011)
Printed edition: http://standardonline.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/showlink.aspx?bookmarkid=YFA5XM688GN6
    PRIME Ministers and party leaders have “turned a blind eye” to press abuses as they sought to curry favour with media moguls, David Cameron admitted today.
    He made an extraordinary attack on the cosy relationship between leading politicians and media chiefs.
    Mr Cameron said today: “Because party leaders were so keen to win the support of newspapers ... we turned a blind eye to the need to sort this issue, get on top of the bad practices, to change the way our newspapers are regulated.
    “The truth is, we have all been in this together — the press, politicians and leaders of all parties — and yes, that includes me.”
    The “music had stopped on his watch”, he added, but stressed this courting had been happening for decades — bringing Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and former Tory prime ministers into the frame.
    Mr Blair flew around the world in 1995 to a News Corp conference on Hayman Island, Australia. Rupert Murdoch reportedly introduced him, joking: “If the British press is to be believed, today is all part of a Blair-Murdoch flirtation. If that flirtation is ever consummated, Tony, I suspect we will end up making love like two porcupines — very carefully.”
    Two years later The Sun gave its backing to Mr Blair, who won a landslide general election victory.
    Mr Cameron also courted the Murdoch empire.
    He delayed a family holiday and accepted free flights to hold private talks with Rupert Murdoch on his luxury 184ft yacht in 2008. Two years later he was in power.
    As Opposition leaders, both Mr Blair and Mr Cameron were all too aware of the fate of politicians who have lost favour with Mr Murdoch’s papers — or never gained it.


Westminster goes to war on Murdoch (Metro [front page], 13 Jul 2011)
Rupert Murdoch's 40-year grip on Britain’s political system looks certain to be broken when MPs of all parties join forces to halt the expansion of his empire.
    Their vote on a Commons motion may carry little legal weight but will send out a clear signal that his days as political kingmaker are numbered.
David Cameron’s spokesman said the 80-year-old tycoon, whose papers claimed the power to sway elections, should ‘heed the will of parliament’.

"UK election result decided in advance" (The Insider, 20 April 2005)
    Tony Blair and his "New Labour" party will win the General Election in Britain on 5 May 2005. The result was decided yesterday in a secret meeting by powerful media executives. The announcement was heralded by the release of red smoke from a make-shift chimney on the roof of the offices of The Sun "newspaper", a publicity stunt designed to imitate the recent election of the new Pope.


"'Murdoch staff pay Met £100k in bribes': Arrests imminent over illegal payments" (Evening Standard, 7 July 2007)

UK police chief has lunch with prime suspect Lord Levy (The Insider, 8 Mar 2007)

"Illegal drugs trafficking and money laundering operations run by Metropolital Police" (The Insider, 29 July 2003)

"Britain's top police chief: Sir Ian Blair - a corrupt liar?" (The Insider, 5 Aug 2008)


News of the World phone-hacking whistleblower found dead (The Guardian, 18 July 2011)

"The Insider" mailing list article, 09 July 2011.

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