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Is the end of the world imminent?

*** A review of the things that could kill us all, as we approach 2012 and beyond... ***

We must accept the fact that a great cataclysm is imminent, and it will be end of human life. In the hours, days, months or years before that, there is a high probability of lesser events which will severely disrupt modern civilization.

The Earth is overdue for a number of common natural disasters, which by chance have not yet occurred during the brief period spanning human existence. We will experience a major cataclysm, and it will probably be soon. It’s simply a question of waiting to find out when.

Modern civilisation is fragile and unsustainable; we lack the knowledge and skills to survive without daily support by technology and civilised society, and we will almost universally not survive the approaching cataclysm. (In contrast, Neolithic civilization (e.g. native North American) is sustainable, with individuals and small groups being self-sufficient, and it would have been resilient to mass-extinction events.)

The events which will lead to our demise are well understood, and for convenience we may divide these into six main categories.

* Comet or asteroid impact

A significant impact or shower of impacts, capable of eliminating most life on the surface of the planet, causing the extinction of numerous species, is inevitable. The Earth is regularly struck by comets and meteorites. We may have prior warning of years, hours, or none at all.

A single major impact could easily cause multiple secondary impacts over an entire hemisphere, generate super-Tsunami waves hundreds of feet high travelling at the speed of sound, sweeping clear large areas of the planet. Long-term effects include global climate changes more than sufficient to stimulate the next ice age.

E.g. On 13 January 2004 scientists were “minutes” away from formally announcing to the government that the Earth was going to be hit “within 36 hours” by asteroid 2004 AS1. At the time, the estimated diameter of the object was only 30 metres; large enough to vaporise a major city. Later observations confirmed that it was an extremely dense rock 500 metre wide, capable of causing destruction on a continental scale.

E.g. The asteroid Apophis follows a path which could lead it to collide with our planet on 13 April 2036. The best opportunity to intercept it and prevent a future collision will be in 2029 during a near-miss.

* Supervolcano eruption

There are eight known supervolcanos in the world, two of which are in Europe and one in North America. There are probably many more which have not yet been discovered, both on land and beneath the ocean. A supervolcano is always cataclysmic event. A single supervolcano eruption causes serious problems on a global scale.

E.g. The Yellowstone Park caldera on the North American continent is overdue for an eruption, following an eruption cycle based on three known previous (prehistoric) eruptions. When it erupts, it will be the end of modern civilisation in the USA, drastically and permanently changing the geopolitical balance of the world.

* Supernova

Various cosmic phenomena are capable of destroying most or all life on Earth, and the most obvious example is a supernova. (I will not discuss solar flares, but these could fall within the general category of common cosmic events.) Supernovae each release a burst of the most powerful energies in the universe (ten times more energy than our sun releases over its entire lifetime). Long after the initial explosion, there is a pair of directional beams of extremely high energy radiation pointing opposite directions. The Gamma Rays alone are capable of sterilising the surface of the Earth, instantly eliminating all life on land and in the sea. Less severe exposure will expose all life to dangerous radiation, and change the world’s climate significantly for a long period. The fossil record shows that this has happened before, e.g. causing the extinction of trilobites. Ironically in less severe cases, the mutations caused by Gamma Rays, X-Rays and other forms of radiation from a supernova may accelerate the rate of evolution, increasing the chances of new species emerging that can survive under the new conditions.

E.g. The star WR104 is about to die, is within range (8,000 light years) and appears to be pointing right at us! It could already have exploded, but of course we won’t see it until the light and radiation reaches us 8,000 years later. It could hit us tomorrow, or the next day, and there will be no warning.

* Tectonic movement

The earth may be due for a crustal displacement event, in which the thin crust slips more or less as a whole over the magma upon which it floats. Lesser tectonic shifts, more severe than anything during recorded history, are also entirely possible, such as magnitude 11 earthquakes, causing widespread devastation and giving rise to great Tsunamis.

Tectonic movement could be aggravated by some of the other events under consideration, and indeed could also cause one of them. Most of the events under consideration are potentially interrelated.

E.g. The San Andreas fault in California, USA, is due for its next major slip.

* War

Individual nations, such as the USA, Russia, and China, each possess enough nuclear weapons to incinerate all life on the surface of the planet, plunging the climate into a nuclear winter and potentially causing a man-made ice age.

* Intervention by extraterrestrial civilisation

This may not be as far-fetched as it sounds, in fact it may have happened before. In ancient texts and religious scriptures throughout the world, reports of god(s) and/or angels who came down from the sky are entirely consistent with extraterrestrial contact. In fact, an extraterrestrial intervention hypothesis would be more likely and more scientific than the widely accepted religious explanations for these events!

E.g. The primary Islamic text, the Qur’an, states that it takes 50,000 of our years to travel up to heaven from Earth, and in the same verse also that the journey is made in a single day. If you travel upwards at any significant speed for 50,000 years, there is no question that this would place you in outer space.

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