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Israel murders Hamas official in Dubai hotel, using stolen identities and fake passports

Israeli agents have assassinated an official of Hamas, the democratically elected ruling party in Palestine. The victim was Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, an elderly man, was in his hotel room alone when he was suffocated to death by Israeli agents. As an old war veteran, it's possible that he tried to put up a fight, but was taken by surprise and had no chance against a large gang of young Israelis who cooly killed him in cold blood, face-to-face. This is illegal, it is state-sponsored terrorism, and it is homicide (murder).

If the victim of this murder had not been Muslim, the people in Britain whose identities and passports were stolen by Mossad could have been arrested with no reason given, and been subjected to a secret trial or detained indefinitely.


Government denies tip-off over Hamas Dubai killing as Tories demand answers

Dubai Hamas murder: fresh questions over what Foreign Office knew

Evening Standard, "Gordon Brown pledges probe into ‘Mossad’ hit squad with British passports", 17 Feb 2010.
    "Mossad hit squads have used foreign passports before, notably in 1997 when agents entered Jordan on Canadian passports and bungled an attempt to poison Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal."

The Telegraph, "Israel launches covert war against Iran", 16 Feb 2009.

BBC News, "Israel and US behind Tehran blast - Iranian state media", 12 January 2010

Miliband issues 'hit squad' ID vow
  David Miliband [the British government's Foreign Secretary, who is Jewish] has insisted that he was determined to discover how fake British passports were used in a hit linked to the Israeli secret service Mossad.
  Senior officers say they are "99% certain" that Mossad was behind the murder. Tel Aviv has refused to confirm or deny the link.

"The Insider" mailing list article, 17 February 2010.

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