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US military in Haiti prevented French aid aircraft from landing

The US military has taken control of the main airport in Haiti, and has been accused of treating it like an "occupation" after preventing a French aircraft filled with essential humanitarian supplies from landing.

The BBC and various news outlets are widely reporting that aid is not getting through, and describing scenes of long lines of official aid supply vehicles being completely empty and not carrying any supplies.

It’s well known that the US regime has carried anti-French sentiments – especially among right-wing personnel – since European governments pointed out that the invasion of Iraq was illegal. During military operations to conquer Iraq, many Americans stopped using the term “French fries” to refer to fried potatoes chips, instead adopting a new and Orwellian term -- “Freedom fries”.

The US administration is eager to take the credit for "taking the lead" in the Haiti relief effort, but one would not wish Americans to impede other countries attempts to help while trying to take all of the credit for themselves.


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