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British High Court declares police anti-terrorism powers illegal

The High Court in Britain has ruled that the controversial "stop and search" powers which the government gave to the police for the "war on terror" are unlawful.

The new legislation was is typical of attempts by the authorities to grant more power to themselves, whilst simultaneously taking-away power and rights from ordinary people.

Police and other powerful agencies of the state are routinely using their new "terror" powers in situations which clearly have nothing to do with terrorism. The new legislation is designed to allow "terror" to be used as an excuse for everything. The legislation behind stop and search powers, which have now been ruled illegal, specifically cancels the public's right to know why they have been detained. In other words, in Britain, the police can persecute you for literally no good reason, and nobody has the power to question it. Great law -- thanks guys. These laws have been designed and passed by MPs who we pay (very generously) to represent us!

Since the High Court ruling, the government has ordered the police to continue to exercise their powers (which are now officially illegal). When the government and the police openly, deliberately and knowingly break the law, surely it's time for a change? Power belongs to the people, to you and me.


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