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French president, Sarkozy, in his EU presidency, wasted £250,000 on a temporary luxury shower unit -- which he never used

Recently exposed European Union accounts demonstrate a level of waste and greed that ordinary people will find extremely offensive.

For example on one occasion, the president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, during his presidency of the EU, spent a quarter of a million pounds of public money on a temporary shower for himself for a three-day meeting. In the end, he never even used the shower. This sum of money would have been a gross abuse of power even if the shower had not been temporary. Meanwhile we ordinary people work hard to live a modest life, no thanks to the ruling elite who ensure that for instance people are denied cancer drugs because they are too expensive.

The ruling elite of the European Union are criminals, at least they certainly would be if we made the rules and not them. (If you live in Europe, he was wasting your money).

The EU is arguably the most corrupt and bloated public institution in the history of human civilisation.

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Sarkozy's shower costs taxpayers £250,000

The French president had a £250,000 shower built for him using European taxpayers' money - only for it to be torn down, unused, days after being completed, it was revealed yesterday.

The luxury unit - which had air conditioning and radio 'surround sound' - was built to the exact specifications of 1.6m (5ft 5in) Nicolas Sarkozy for a three-day summit in Paris.

But, instead, he decided to wash in the Élysée

At the time France held the rotating EU presidency, which meant Mr Sar-kozy had an unlimited budget to furnish his capital's Grand Palace for the event in July last year.

Accounts released by France's national audit office show that installing the shower in a listed building involved numerous professionals, from architects to plumbers, and state-of-the-art materials.

Like most of the equipment bought for the £16million conference, it was disposed of soon afterwards.

Other details about the refurbishment emerged earlier this week. A report says: 'The Grand Palace had to be completely refitted for the occasion - 500 technicians were mobilised every day, including 300 at night.'

Other expenses included £1million spent on the opening dinner alone - more than £23,000 for each of the 43 heads of state, including Gordon Brown. Around £300,000 was spend on the conference podium, £90,000 on a carpet and £195,000 on the gardens.

France's six-month presidency of the EU was one of the most expensive in history at £160million.

Mark Wallace, of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: 'It's small wonder the EU is so wasteful if the people who are meant to make it work for us are getting pampered in the lap of luxury.'

And Nigel Farage, of Ukip, said: 'The Napoleonic ambition of Brussels is underlined by the throwaway extravagance of its elite.'


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