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King Arthur's castle may have been near London, and Hertford Castle built with stones from Camelot

*** Was the legendary Camelot located to the North of the city now known as London? Was King Arthur's castle relocated to Hertford? Did Hertford Castle become the new home for the Round Table, its knights, and its timeless principles? Many locations have claimed to be the site of the medieval Camelot. But the latest evidence points firmly at the South East of England. When the Knights Templar constructed their UK headquarters on the bank of the River Thames, and buildings like the Inner Temple which still stand today, the surrounding area -- now the heart of the City of London -- was wild grassy water meadow.  ... ***

Stones From King Arthur's Camelot In Hertford

A HISTORIAN has claimed that stones from King Arthur's mythical keep at Camelot were used to build Hertford Castle.

In his new book London's Camelot and the Secrets of the Grail author Christopher Street makes a bold claim that the legendary home of the fabled Knights of the Round Table is in Cockfosters, and when it was torn down, stone from the fortress was transported to Hertford.

He told the Herald: "The odd synchronicity is that remains of Camelot Manor (or castle) were removed to help build Hertford Castle, so there is a connection of sorts. The stones of Camelot may now be in Hertford."

Commenting on the town's legendary links to the Holy Grail and its alleged guardians - the Knights Templar - Mr Street said: "The Grail though is an other-worldly thing, seen only in visions, therefore a personal experiential thing."

Supporting his theory he writes: "All the evidence (and there is plenty of it) indicates that a real Camelot once existed at the very centre of Enfield Chase, the Royal Hunting Ground of the Plantagenet Kings. Today it is still there, hidden in woods on the fringe of North London, and known as Camlet Moat.

He added: "Archaeological finds suggest a substantial structure with stone walls over five and a half feet thick, a massive drawbridge 38ft long and a subterranean dungeon. Sounds like a castle, doesn't it? Smaller finds from the Roman period suggest the site is originally of impressive antiquity."

A Waltham Cross resident, who is a senior member of a UK-based mediaeval society, said that transporting stones from one old castle to build another was not uncommon, he said: "Recycling stone has been done since the ancient world, a lot of the stone from Egypt, like the pyramids, was used to build houses with.

"Derelict castles were no different, stone was very valuable, you have to realise the effort it takes to quarry stone and take it to places.


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The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple

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Hertford Castle Medieval Weekend
    "'Awards for All' funding gave opportunity for Black Knight Historical to present a two day event full of medieval activities. King Arthur and Camelot encamped in the grounds of Hertford Castle."

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    "The charges led to the disbanding of the order and Grand Master Jacques de Molay was burnt at the stake. The Vatican will next week publish a collector's edition of documents on the Knights Templar, the fabulously-wealthy medieval crusading order mentioned in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code novels and which to this day remains at the centre of numerous Holy Grail conspiracy theories and intrigues.
    "One of the documents, the Chinon Parchment, shows that in the early 14th century, Pope Clement V's investigation of the order absolved the knights of the heresy charges that led to many of them being tortured and burned."


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