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British MPs exposed for corruption in 'expenses' claims

*** The corruption of politicians in the UK has been exposed, after one British newspaper opened the floodgates by publishing details of embezzlement and fraud. MPs are using the "expenses" system to divert large sums public money into their own pockets. These are the men and women supposedly entrusted to run the country. They have the power to make decisions about invading other countries. They are the only people in a position to solve most of the serious problems facing ordinary people, yet they consistently fail to do so. Many of them are only serving their own interests. The remuneration of MPs should be linked to their performance. If they are worth as much as they claim, let them prove it by delivering and we'll pay them accordingly. So far, they are failing to deliver. Career politicians are often the worst offenders -- they have not achieved anything in their lives. We pay politicians good money to represent us, yet consistently they selfishly represent only themselves and the agenda of their party. ***

The sums of taxpayers' money which MPs claim for their own expenses have become one of the most controversial subjects of recent years.

Bring them to justice! The Mail helps to launch campaign to prosecute sleaze MPs
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1181868/Bring-justice-The-Mail-helps-launch-campaign-prosecute-sleaze-MPs.html#ixzz0P6moqbwO


The Daily Mail has raised the stakes in the MPs' expenses row by launching a "fighting fund" to finance private prosecutions against politicians it says may have broken the law.

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