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US military actively recruits convicted criminals, doubling the intake of convicts

*** The US military is deliberately recruiting convicted criminals, including drug dealers, fraudsters, rapists, drug-dealers and paedophiles. The criminal thugs are released from prison, organised into gangs, supplied with guns and ammunition. and then sent into the streets of busy towns and cities in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US regime is fully aware that the use of convicts as expendable cannon-fodder in hostile territory is both amoral and illegal, and fully aware of what is likely to happen to the local civilian population at the mercy of dangerous criminals like these. The "war on terror" is a sinister operation in which criminals are indeed the ideal workforce, since the entire undertaking is a crime, from the illegal invasion to the ongoing illegal occupation, with countless war-crimes committed along the way. ***

Double number of ex-cons join the US army

The US army doubled its use of "moral waivers" for enlisted soldiers last year to cope with the demands of the Iraq war, allowing sex offenders, people convicted of making terrorist threats, and child abusers into the military, new records released yesterday showed.

The army gave out 511 moral waivers to soldiers with felony convictions last year. Criminals got 249 army waivers in 2006, a sign that the demand for US forces in Iraq has forced a sharp increase in the number of criminals allowed on the battlefield.

The felons accepted into the army and marines included 87 soldiers convicted of assault or maiming, 130 convicted of non-cannabis-related drug offences, seven convicted of making terrorist threats, and two convicted of indecent behaviour with a child. Waivers were also granted to 500 burglars and thieves, 19 arsonists and nine sex offenders.

The new data were released by the oversight committee of the House of Representatives. Henry Waxman, the Democratic chairman of the oversight panel, said that while "providing opportunities to individuals who have served their sentences and rehabilitated themselves" is important, the waivers are a sign that the US military is stretched too thin.

The number of moral waivers in the military, mostly for misdemeanours such as speeding fines, reached 34,476 in 2006, or nearly 20% of all enlisted soldiers, according to the Palm Centre at the University of California. Recruits with felony convictions are more likely than other soldiers to drop out or be released from the military.

More than one felony conviction disqualifies recruits from the army or marines, but the navy and air force can admit those with multiple offences


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