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Alicia Keys blames government and music industry for exposing young people to 'gangsta rap' brainwashing promoting 'gangster' lifestyle

*** Alicia keys, a successful and experienced music industry insider, is concerned about the portrayal and promotion of 'gangsta rap' in the western media as a lifestyle choice for black youngsters. The marketing associated with this spurious cultural movement systematically portrays and glorifies a "gangster lifestyle" in which tough-guy criminals enjoy guns and crime. In music videos, album covers and advertising for "gangsta rap" the main theme is to depict crime, drugs, guns and tough-guys and attempt to link these things with images of success, wealth, respect and popularity. Young people are routiely exposed to this brainwashing on television and throughout the corporate media, for example images of the black rapper "50 Cent", a celebrity and role model, holding a gun. The government has done nothing to intervene, despite protests from people affected by real-life gun crime. ***

Alicia is talking a lot of rap

SOUL star ALICIA KEYS has bizarrely claimed the US government invented ‘gangsta rap’ to convince black people to kill each other.

Keys, 27, said the violent hip-hop style was an anti-black conspiracy. The American, who has sold 25 million albums worldwide, believes the government encouraged the 1990s murders of rappers TUPAC SHAKUR and NOTORIOUS B.I.G.

She told a magazine: “The murders were fuelled to stop a great black leader from existing.”


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