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British TV producers launch ad campaign against USA's cultural brainwashing

Wombles turn badass in NYC

A new film has turned the furry-nosed champions of Wimbledon Common into Badass Wombles of Central Park.

Life is more dangerous in New York City than the peaceful surroundings of SW19 and the green heroes have become wise-cracking versions of themselves.

The 90-second clip sees athletic Womble Tomsk ask the others in an American accent: 'What's going in the 'hood?', before a voice says 'You is, buddy', and he is ambushed from behind.

Watch the video below

Tobermory in his top hat then tells the others urgently: 'Call 911!'

The cult 1970s TV show was given a US makeover to highlight the need to invest in British children's TV.

The Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television claims just one per cent of all new programmes are made in our country.

The campaign was launched on the same day Ofcom warned that British TV was under threat as broadcasters tough it out in the digital age.

Marcus Robertson, whose mother Elisabeth Beresford created the Wombles and on whom she based the character Orinoco, said: 'I can't imagine anything worse than Orinoco having an American accent.

The Wombles are as English as anything and I think it would be terrible if they were Americanised.'

And Bernard Cribbins, who voiced the original Wombles series which also spawned hit songs, has offered his support.

At the end of the film, he says: 'Tell those Wombles in government we need to start making British programmes for British kids again before it's too late.'


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    The widow of murdered Garry Newlove has claimed that the breakdown of morals in Britain is so bad that children mete out violence like it is a video game.
    Helen Newlove, whose husband was kicked to death by a gang of youths outside his Warrington home, said: "This is not a PlayStation game scenario. This is reality."

"The Insider" mailing list article, 11 April 2008.

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