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Corrupt Jersey police and politicians sending threats to head of child-abuse investigation

Ex-officers' 'threats' to Jersey chief

'Sinister threats' have been made to the police officer leading the inquiry into abuse allegations at a former children's home on Jersey.

Deputy chief of police Lenny Harper believes 'corrupt ex-coppers' want to 'hush up' the inquiry in case it reveals official failings over child abuse.

He said: 'I have received about 140 abusive letters with threats to burn my house and my car.'

Asked about pressure to curtail the investigation, he said: 'There has been stacks, mainly from ex-cops, corrupt cops, who have friends among senior politicians on the island.

'I will not insult the island by saying there is a culture of corruption. There is a cache of corrupt ex-coppers.'

He added that allegations made by children in the past were not dealt with in the proper way.

Meanwhile, police will today enter a bricked up second cellar beside the one already searched at Haut de la Garenne.

They are also expected to hold three people for alleged child abuse in the next two or three weeks, the first arrests since human remains were found at the home two weeks ago.

The arrests follow 'graphic' statements by alleged abuse victims, including one about a child who was never seen again and may have died.

It is thought that two arrests will be on Jersey and one on the British mainland.

Meanwhile, tests are taking place on more bones found in recent days to see if they are human or animal.


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    Many islanders have been outraged by remarks made by leading figures of Jersey's current political elite. An off-hand remark by chief minister Frank Walker last week that political rival former health minister Stuart Syvret was "trying to shaft Jersey internationally" by highlighting recent child abuse scandals left many feeling he cared more about the island's image than the victims.
    This week a leaked email from current Health minister Ben Shenton which mocked the police officer leading the investigation added fuel to the fire. Shenton compared the island's deputy police chief Lenny Harper to the comedian Lenny Henry saying: "My wife keeps referring to Lenny Harper as Lenny Henry - I don't think she's far wrong."

"The Insider" mailing list article, 10 March 2008.

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