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Diana and Dodi were engaged and UK authorities tried to hide the truth

Diana jeweller: It WAS an engagement ring, but police made me change my story

A jeweller who claimed to have sold Dodi Fayed a ring for his engagement to Princess Diana has accused police of putting him under pressure to change his evidence.

Alberto Repossi, who is expected to be a key witness in the inquest into the couple's death, said that he had been intimidated by Scotland Yard detectives from the official inquiry into their fatal car crash.

At the centre of the extraordinary claim is a £130,000 star-shaped ring with five diamonds that Mr Fayed was allegedly planning to give the Princess on the night that they died.

Mr Repossi told the Italian newspaper La Stampa yesterday that he had given British detectives written proof that it was an engagement ring.

However, officers from the inquiry team led by Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, then pressured him to alter his testimony to state that it was not for an engagement, he claimed.

[Photo:] The engagement ring 'Dodi bought Diana'

“I had given Scotland Yard the actual copy of the receipt given to Dodi's secretary on which was clearly written 'engagement ring',” Mr Repossi told La Stampa.

“I am probably the only witness to the fact that Dodi and Princess Diana were going to get engaged.”

The jeweller claimed that one of four tapes used to record the third interview was blank, as if it had been erased.

He said that at the final interview the detectives asked him to change his statements so that it would not appear that the Princess and Mr Fayed were about to announce their plans to marry.

“They said, 'It would be better for your reputation if you changed your version of events'.”

Although Mr Repossi's comments will be seen in some quarters as evidence of an attempt to cover up the death of the Princess, they appear to contradict his previous statements about the ring.

In September 1997 he said that he did not know if Mr Fayed intended it as an engagement ring. The following April Mr Repossi said that he was convinced that it was not.

Other witnesses also have different accounts of the couple's visit to Monaco on August 5, 1997, when they are said to have visited Mr Repossi's shop.

John Johnson, a bodyguard, told Lord Stevens's inquiry that they did not visit a jeweller, while René Delorm, Mr Fayed's butler, insisted that they had visited a shop, which he assumed to be Repossi's, for about 15 minutes.

Lord Stevens's inquiry viewed CCTV footage of Mr Repossi's Paris shop on August 30 and found that Mr Fayed was in the shop for about seven and a half minutes.

“When he left it appeared on initial viewing that he picked something up,” the inquiry reported. “After closer viewing, it was clear that the item he picked up was in fact his own sunglasses. He did not take any jewellery with him.”

It concluded: “The evidence is that the 'Tell Me Yes' ring was not selected as an engagement ring by the Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed together.”

But a senior source close to the inquiry told The Times: “There is a video of what actually happened in the shop, which has been handed over to the authorities.

"That will clear up some of these allegations. The claim that there is a copy of a receipt in which it states clearly that it is an engagement ring is under dispute.

“Mr Repossi has changed his story several times. Any allegation that he was put under any pressure by Scotland Yard officers to change his story is firmly denied.”

Michael Cole, spokesman for Mr Al Fayed, said: “Mr Repossi will in due course need to come to the inquest to give a full account of everything he knows on oath before the jury.”


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BBC News, "'No evidence' of Diana pregnancy", 3 October 2007.
    Intimate details of Princess Diana's life will be heard at the inquest into her death, but whether she was pregnant may never be known, the coroner said.
    Lord Justice Scott Baker said it was likely "pregnancy is a matter that cannot be proved one way or the other in scientific terms in this case".
    "First, her pregnancy or suspected pregnancy is said to have provided the motive or part of the motive for killing Diana," he said.
    "Second, her body was [illegally] embalmed by the French and it is said that the purpose of this was to conceal that she was pregnant."

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