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UK ready to join US in war on Iran, using phoney 'humiliation' of captured sailors as excuse

Britain 'on board' for US air strikes on Iran after Navy hostage humiliation

Britain is ready to sign up to a bombing campaign on Iran as revenge for the "shame" of the Navy hostage taking, it was claimed today.

According to an investigation by leading American journalist Seymour Hersh, the UK is poised to join any US-led action against the rogue state.

In an in-depth report, numerous American sources are quoted as saying President George Bush is gearing up for "surgical" bombing raids which would target Revolutionary Guard bases and anti-aircraft surface-to-air missiles inside Iran.

And, according to one senior European official, Gordon Brown has given the bombing plan the most positive reception.

"The British perception is that the Iranians are not making the progress they want to see in their nuclear-enrichment processing," he said.

"All the intelligence community agree that Iran is providing critical assistance, training, and technology to a surprising number of terrorist groups in Iraq and Afghanistan, and, through Hezbollah, in Lebanon, and Israel/Palestine, too."

Hersh also quoted a retired American four-star general with close ties to the British military, who claimed the UK also wanted revenge for the Navy hostage incident.

"The professional guys are saying that British honor is at stake, and if there's another event like that in the water off Iran the British will hit back," he said.

The revised bombing plan "could work—if it's in response to an Iranian attack," he added.

"The British may want to do it to get even, but the more reasonable people are saying, 'Let's do it if the Iranians stage a cross-border attack inside Iraq.' "

Australia and Israel have also reportedly expressed an interest in targeted bombing raids.

Tensions with Iran and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, further fuelled by the country's refusal to make concessions over nuclear weapons, have been rising in recent months.

According to Hersh, the US is working on a propaganda campaign to generate popular support for action inside the country after a public relations disaster over Iraq.

Responding to Hersh's claims, a Pentagon spokesman, said: "The President has made it clear that the US Government remains committed to a diplomatic solution with respect to Iran."

The White House declined to comment.


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