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On 30th June 1908 a cataclysmic explosion, more powerful than any in human history even to the present day, occurred high above the remote northern wilderness of Siberia at Tungusta. In an explosion equivalent to fifteen million tonnes of TNT, five hundred thousand square acres of land, an area the size of a major city such as Moscow, had been instantaneously and completely destroyed.[1]

A number of credible and incredible theories have been proposed to explain the famous Tungusta blast of 1908 but, in the century that has passed since the event, scientists have been unable to find evidence
to support any of the explanations proposed. At the time, a famous scientist named Nikola Tesla claimed responsibility for the incident, but inexplicably this fact has never received the publicity or
attention that it seems to deserve. Tesla had been performing successful experiments with a new military technology for the wireless transmission of large quantities of energy via radio-waves. Following
the great Tungusta blast Mr Tesla expressed great relief that no one had been killed by his experiment. He decided that his experiments were too dangerous to continue and immediately dismantled his

Numerous serious reports reveal that various other scientists were also conducting successful experiments in wireless energy transmission around 1908, often causing large controlled explosions using remote devices. For example, in August 1913 the eminent French physicist Signor Giulio Ulivi impressed an audience of high-ranking French naval officers in a demonstration of his "death-ray" technology by exploding mines in the port of Trouville.[3]

In an interview about his super-weapon, Tesla once said:

  "My invention requires a large plant, but once it is established
  it will be possible to destroy anything, men or machines,
  approaching within a radius of 200 miles. It will, so to speak,
  provide a wall of power offering an insuperable obstacle against
  any effective aggression."

There is disturbing evidence that the U.S. Military are conducting new experiments with Tesla's wireless energy transmission technology. A basic web search for keywords such as "Tesla" and "coils" reveals that hobby physicists throughout the world are playing with Tesla's technology on a small scale in their garden sheds, as hundreds of personal home pages proudly attest.[4] The HARP project, located at an
American military base in Alaska, is rumoured to be developing a modern device on a vast scale for transmitting huge payloads of energy to distant locations.[5] In theory the HARP weapon could be used to transfer more energy than a nuclear explosion to a precisely focussed point anywhere on Earth. A nuclear missile takes time to travel to its target, carries a limited amount of energy, and can be shot down. Tesla's wireless transmission technology strikes at the speed of light, is invisible, unstoppable, and can release an amount of energy that is unlimited except by the size of the power plant where the
device is operated.

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