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Al-Qaeda threatens to attack Iran and duplicates US propaganda

*** The terrorist group known as "Al-Qaeda" is now threatening to attack Iran, and echoing unsupported US propaganda claims that Iran is interfering in Iraq. "Al-Qaeda" can be traced back to asymmetric US proxy forces created by the CIA during the Cold War. and Iran is a major enemy of the US and Israel. ***

Leader of al-Qaida front group in Iraq threatens war against Iran

The leader of an al-Qaida umbrella group in Iraq threatened to wage war against Iran unless it stops supporting Shi'ites in Iraq within two months, according to an audiotape.

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, who leads the group Islamic State in Iraq, said his Sunni fighters have been preparing for four years to wage a battle against Shi'ite-dominated Iran.

"We are giving the Persians, and especially the rulers of Iran, a two-month period to end all kinds of support for the Iraqi Shi'ite government and to stop direct and indirect intervention ... otherwise a severe war is waiting for you," he said in the 50-minute audiotape released Sunday. The tape, which could not be independently verified, was posted on a Web site commonly used by insurgent groups.

Iraq's Shi'ite-led government is backed by the US but closely allied to Iran. The United States accuses Iran of arming and financing Shi'ite militias in Iraq - charges Teheran denies.

In the recording, al-Baghdadi also gave Sunnis and Arab countries doing business in Iran or with Iranians a two-month deadline to cease their ties.

"We advise and warn every Sunni businessman inside Iran or in Arab countries especially in the Gulf not to take partnership with any Shi'ite Iranian businessman - this is part of the two-month period," he said.

Al-Baghdadi said his group was responsible for two suicide truck bomb attacks in May in Iraq's northern Kurdish region. He said the attacks in Irbil and Makhmur showed the "Islamic jihad," or holy war, was progressing in the Kurdish areas.

At least 14 people were killed when a suicide truck bomb struck a government building in Irbil, Kurdistan's capital, on May 9. Four days later in Makhmur, another suicide truck bomb tore through the offices of a Kurdish political party, killing 50 people.

In the recording, the Islamic State of Iraq leader did not mention Saturday's deadly truck bomb in Armili, a Shi'ite town north of Baghdad, which killed more than 100 people. The attack was among the deadliest this year in Iraq and reinforced suspicions that al-Qaida extremists were moving north to less protected regions beyond the US security crackdown in Baghdad.

Al-Baghdadi criticized Kurdish leaders for their alliance with Shi'ites in Iraq's government and accused them of encouraging unsavory morals.

"The leaders of apostasy ... have impeded the march of Islam in Muslim Kurdistan and helped communism and secularism to spread. ... They insulted the religious scholars ... encouraged vices and women without veils," he said.


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The Insider, "US regime admits arming terrorists in Iraq", 12 June 2007.

Daily Telegraph, "US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran", 25 February 2007.
    America is secretly funding militant ethnic separatist groups in Iran in an attempt to pile pressure on the Islamic regime to give up its nuclear programme.
    In a move that reflects Washington's [alleged] growing concern with the failure of diplomatic initiatives, CIA officials are understood to be helping opposition militias among the numerous ethnic minority groups clustered in Iran's border regions.
    The operations are controversial because they involve dealing with movements that resort to terrorist methods in pursuit of their grievances against the Iranian regime.


*** This latest news story directly contradicts claims made in previous anti-Iran propaganda by the west, but many people simply accept each new news story at face value without stopping to think and without noticing the obvious contradictions that arise due to falsehoods and inaccuracies in state propaganda. ***

Sydney Morning Herald, "US turns attention to al-Qaeda in Iran", 22 March 2006.
    AMERICAN intelligence officials, already focused on Iran's potential for building nuclear weapons, are struggling to solve a more immediate mystery: the relationship between the Tehran leadership and a contingent of al-Qaeda leaders living in the country.
    Some officials, citing highly classified electronic eavesdropping, believe Iran is hosting much of al-Qaeda's remaining brains trust and allowing the senior operatives freedom to communicate and help plan the terrorist network's operations.
    The accusations by US officials about Iranian nuclear ambitions and ties to al-Qaeda echo charges made about Iraq before the US invasion three years ago.
  [The US regime used false claims about support for al-Qaeda, and the presence of al-Qaeda leaders who of course were never caught, as well as WMD and other propaganda claims, to justify the military conquest previously of both Afghanistan and Iraq.]

Daily Telegraph, "Iran 'is training the next al-Qa'eda leaders'", 15 November 2006.
  About 25 al-Qaeda leaders, including three of Osama bin Laden's sons, are running terrorist operations from their refuge in Iran rather than languishing under house arrest as the Teheran regime claims, intelligence officials have said.
  [The source is an "anonymous official"; in other words a source that is untraceable, unaccountable, unverifiable, for a claim that is therefore impossible to disprove or prove. This is the type of "source" cited as standard in headline-grabbing propaganda news stories originating from and created by agencies like the CIA, MI5 and MI6.]

Daily Telegraph, "Teheran 'providing refuge for al-Qaeda terrorists'", 5 November 2005.
    About 25 al-Qaeda leaders, including three of Osama bin Laden's sons, are running terrorist operations from their refuge in Iran rather than languishing under house arrest as the Teheran regime claims, intelligence officials have said.
    [In fact Iran has always opposed al-Qaeda, and certainly did catch and arrest these people, in contrast to terrorist suspects in the west who typically turn out to be known to the authorities but mysteriously not stopped in time.]

Financial Times, "Al-Qaeda linked to operations from Iran", 6 July 2007.
    Evidence that Iranian territory is being used as a base by al-Qaeda to help in terrorist operations in Iraq and elsewhere is growing, say western officials.

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