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Baby in America gets gun permit and shotgun - age 10 months

*** The US state of Illinois has granted a gun permit to a 10-month-old baby who already has a shotgun. It's easy to get a gun in America. In Illinois you just visit a web site, fill out a form and pay $5. If you give toy guns to school-kids and watch them play, you will quickly observe that most children already know what a gun is and how to use it, in fact they enjoy pretending to use it, before they even reach school, such is the efficacy of the brainwashing to which we are exposed through the mass media, in particular Hollywood and the TV industry. ***

Illinois baby obtains gun permit

Bubba Ludwig may only be 10 months old, but he has already successfully obtained a gun licence in the US state of Illinois.

Bubba's father, Howard Ludwig, applied on his behalf after his grandfather gave him a shotgun as an heirloom.

Mr Ludwig said he had not expected to succeed, but he filled in the online form, paid $5 and the licence was his.

US gun laws are regularly the subject of fierce debate, renewed recently after April's Virginia Tech killings.

Gunman Cho Seung-hui was able to exploit a loophole in Virginia state law and obtain weapons despite having a history of mental illness. The loophole was later closed.

Technical problems

The licence includes a picture of a toothless Bubba and a squiggle that represents his best attempt at a signature.

In an article in the Chicago Sun-Times, Mr Ludwig, 30, said that he expected the application to be turned down.

Two rejections did in fact come, he said, but both related to technical problems - on one application he forgot to tick a box stating his son was a US citizen - rather than Bubba's youth.

His third attempt was rewarded with a state firearm owner's identification card (FOID), complete with details of Bubba's height, weight and date of birth.

'No age restrictions'

Illinois gun laws are said to be among the strictest in the US.

But Illinois State Police, who oversee the application process, said that they had followed the law in this case.

"Does a 10-month-old need a FOID card? No, but there are no restrictions under the act regarding age of applicants," the Associated Press news agency quoted Lt Scott Compton as saying.

Mr Ludwig said Bubba's gun would likely remain at his grandfather's house until he was 14.

"I'm not about to approve any unsupervised hunting or trap shooting for Bubba," he wrote in the Chicago daily.

"Still, I'm glad he was able to get his FOID card. It makes an adorable addition to his baby book."


BBC News, "Illinois baby obtains gun permit", 16 May 2007.


The Constitution of the USA: Second Amendment -- Bearing Arms
    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." [Notice that the arms industry and associated gun lobby only quote the part about "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms"; indeed this is the only part of the Second Ammendment that most Americans know, if any.]
    The Supreme Court has given effect to the dependent clause of the Amendment in the only case in which it has tested a congressional enactment against the constitutional prohibition, seeming to affirm individual protection but only in the context of the maintenance of a militia [e.g. the military, or insurgants resisting British occupation] or other such public force [e.g. police].

"The Insider" mailing list article, 16 May 2007.

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