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CIA director profiting from 9/11 and 'war on terror'

Former CIA director joins Qinetiq

British defence firm Qinetiq has signed up George Tenet, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the US, as a non-executive director.

Mr Tenet headed the CIA for seven years until 2004, having been appointed by the Clinton administration.

[As head of the CIA Tenet precided over the 9/11 incidents. Serious concerns continue to be voiced about the circumstances of these events and in particular the role of the CIA. At the very least, the CIA and FBI failed to prevent the attacks, and in fact it is a matter of public record that senior officials actively prevented agents from investigating accurate leads. Tenet also precided over the propaganda campaign against Iraq, which consisted of nothing but lies and carefully-spun speculation.]

[Profits in the "defense" industry grew substantially as a direct result of his policies, his claims, and his decisions. Now the industry has rewarded him with a lucrative new job, exposing a clear conflict of interests. The military-industrial complex of the west offers generous rewards to loyal politicians and officials, it is a familiar pattern.]

[Under Tenet's predecessors, the CIA supported Osama Bin Ladin's group in Afghanistan in the 1980s during the "Cold War" and in so doing effectively created the organization now known as "Al-Qaeda".]

Qinetiq is increasingly targeting the US market where increased security levels have boosted demand for airport scanning and banking security systems.

The former state owned business floated on the stock market in February.

'Military challenges'

The government still controls about 24% of its shares.

Mr Tenet, who sits on the boards of several US security firms, said he was enthused about his future involvement with Qinetiq.

"I am especially interested in the capacity of the company's technologies to meet a number of the challenges faced by our nations' military and intelligence personnel," he said.

Qinetiq said Mr Tenet's extensive background in intelligence and security was "particularly relevant" as it focused on the US market.


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    Qinetiq, the defence firm floated by the UK government, has reported pre-tax profits up 37.6% to 80.1m ($149m) in its first results since the listing.
    Turnover at the company increased by 23% to 1.05bn.
    Sales have soared in North America with heightened security raising demand for products such as airport scanning and border control devices
    Other products include military sensors and software, banking security systems and desert kits for helicopters.
    Qinetiq's flotation in February this year, the first by this Labour government, attracted criticism because of the amount of money that US investor Carlyle Group made from the privatisation.

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