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CIA and Mossad caught deliberately spreading AIDS

Five members of a sinister international network have been sentenced to death in Libya for deliberately and systematically infecting people in Muslim areas with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

A doctor from Palestine confessed to being an agent working for the Israeli regime. According to the Libyan government, "Some say that it was the CIA, others say it was Mossad." AIDS is now a global pandemic, and there have been countless incidents in which large numbers of people have been "accidently" infected, often in mysterious circumstances and with evidence of a cover-up by officials.

The origin of the AIDS virus is uncertain, but there have been widespread allegations that it was developed at an American biological weapons laboratory by genetic modifications of based SIV, a virus found naturally in monkeys. The man who "discovered" HIV personally testified as an expert witness for the defense, claiming that the gang members were all innocent. Expanding on the Israeli connection, conspiracy theorists have noted that, as a demographic group, Jews are naturally resistant to AIDS for medical reasons, and circumcision is known to confer a high level of immunity.

Drugs corporations generate revenues from the sale of AIDS drugs to victims in wealthy countries.

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Libya sentences nurses to death in HIV infection case

Five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor were condemned to death in Libya yesterday for deliberately infecting children with HIV.

It was the second time the six had stood trial for the crimes. Their first trial ended with the same verdict in May 2004.

The result was greeted with jubilation by families of the stricken children outside the court, but by dismay in Europe.

"God is great!" cried Ibrahim Mohammed al-Aurabi, the father of one of the infected Libyan children, after the verdict. "Long live the Libyan judiciary!"

Relatives of the children held up photographs of them, some with the words, in English, "HIV. Made in Bulgaria". Of the 426 children infected, 52 have died.

But there was grave dismay in Europe about what was seen as a second fundamentally flawed trial. In the first trial, Luc Montagnier, the French doctor who was the joint discoverer of HIV, testified that the virus was active in the hospital before the Bulgarians arrived in 1998 and was probably caused by poor hygiene. The evidence was ignored. A second study, published in the science journal Nature by the British evolutionary biologist Oliver Pybus, also concluded that the virus had arrived prior to the Bulgarians, perhaps three years before. But the report was published on 6 December, too late for the court to consider it.

In Brussels, Franco Frattini, the EU commissioner for justice, said: "I am shocked by this decision. It is a great disappointment. I very much hope the Libyan authorities will overturn this decision, which is a dangerous gesture and an obstacle to co-operation with the European Union." Libya's Foreign Minister, Abdel-Rahman Shalqam, said the case would automatically be referred to the Supreme Court.

The medical workers listened impassively in court while Judge Mahmoud Haouissa took a bare seven minutes to take the roll call then read out the sentence.

"In the name of the people," he declared, "and having examined the documents and listened to the arguments of the lawyers for both parties, the court has decided to pronounce condemnation to death." A retrial had been ordered after the first death sentences, the result of criticism from abroad about the quality of the trial. The six defendants have been in prison for nearly seven years. They were first arrested in 1999 after children at the hospital in Benghazi, where they had started working in 1998, began mysteriously falling ill.

The Libyan leader, Col Muammar Gaddafi, pronounced his own verdict on the foreigners at an Aids conference in Nigeria in 2001. He said: "We have found a doctor and a group of nurses in possession of HIV who had been requested to do experiments on the effects of the virus on children. And who charged them with this odious conspiracy? Some say that it was the CIA, others say it was Mossad."

The Bulgarian women said that they were tortured with electric shocks and jumped on to make them confess. Two claimed that they had been raped. [American and British courts do accept evidence obtained by torture in Libya and other "allies" in the "war on terror", and have done so in proceedings under the new "anti-terror" laws. The US even transports "terror" suspects to these countries for "interrogation", a practice known as "extraordinary rendition".]

The Palestinian doctor, Ashraf Hasan, also said he was severely tortured to force him to admit to being a Mossad agent. His father, Ahmad, told The Independent his son had been strapped to a metal bed frame, given electric shocks for hours, beaten on the head and groin with electric batons, and sodomised with a broom handle. Cigarettes were stubbed out on him, and he lost three teeth after being hit in the mouth.

In both trials, the confessions extracted from the accused under torture were used. The foreigners had brought charges against eight police officers, a military doctor and a translator, who they claimed were responsible for torturing them.

A court in Tripoli acquitted all 10 in June last year after what Amnesty International claimed were "irregular proceedings".


The Independent, "Libya sentences nurses to death in HIV infection case", 20 December 2006.


Washington Post, "Study: Many Blacks Cite AIDS Conspiracy", 25 January 2005.
    More than 20 years after the AIDS epidemic arrived in the United States, a significant proportion of African Americans embrace the theory that government scientists created the disease to control or wipe out their communities, according to a study released today by Rand Corp. and Oregon State University.
    That belief markedly hurts efforts to prevent the spread of the disease among black Americans, the study's authors and activists said. African Americans represent 13 percent of the U.S. population, according to Census Bureau figures, yet they account for 50 percent of new HIV infections in the nation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

BBC News, "Male circumcision 'cuts' HIV risk", 13 December 2006.
  Circumcision [a surgical operation carried out by Jews on all male children] can cut the rate of HIV infection in heterosexual men by 50%, results from two African trials show.
  The findings are so striking, the US National Institutes of Health decided it would be unethical to continue and stopped the trials early.
  It supports a previous South African study which reported similar results.

BBC News, "US 'harming' Uganda's Aids battle", 30 August 2005.
    The UN's special envoy on fighting Aids in Africa has accused the United States of endangering the gains Uganda has made in containing the disease.
    Stephen Lewis told the BBC that Uganda - under pressure from Washington - was putting greater emphasis on abstinence to tackle the disease than condoms.
    His remarks follow a report by US health campaigners saying the country was facing a condom shortage.

New Scientist, "Nigerian vaccine tests refute contamination claim", 18 November 2003.
    Laboratory tests by Nigerian scientists have dismissed accusations that the polio vaccine given in a mass immunisation campaign in the country is contaminated with anti-fertility hormones and HIV.
    The World Health Organization (WHO) drive to rid the world of polio hit a major obstacle in October when immunisations were suspended in three regions in northern Nigeria due to rumours that the vaccine was laced with the HIV virus and hormones to render women infertile.
    Some Islamic clerics suggested the vaccine is part of a Western plot to depopulate Africa. However, test results from experts recruited by the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria gave the all-clear on Tuesday.
    But Muslim clerics in Nigeria have also expressed suspicion over WHO's eagerness to vaccinate the children. "The desperation invites suspicion," Muhammad bin Uthman, an imam in Kano, told AFP. He cited alleged misconduct in 1996 by the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer over the use drugs during an African meningitis epidemic.

MNT, "Iraqis Allegedly Infected With HIV In 1980s Through Contaminated Blood Products File Civil Lawsuit", 7 September 2006.
    Three groups in Iraq -- including about 35 Iraqis who allegedly contracted HIV through contaminated blood products in the 1980s -- have filed a civil lawsuit against the country's Ministry of Health and two companies that sold blood products, the New York Times reports. The suit was filed by the 35 Iraqis, family members of others who contracted the virus and have since died, and the Iraqi Red Crescent Society. [The companies involved were western drugs companies, and the rate of infection increased dramatically under the Oil for Food programme which was created and controlled by the US regime.]

BBC News, "Files on infected blood destroyed", 13 January 2006.
    The UK Government has admitted that nearly all its files on the infection of patients through NHS [Britain's state health service] blood products have been destroyed.
    Hundreds of haemophiliacs and other patients were infected with hepatitis C or HIV in the 1980s and early 1990s.
    The government denied campaigners' claims of a cover-up and said it was a "regrettable" accident.
    The row has deepened after infected blood was found to have been sourced from some prisoners in American jails [US government institutons are not a normal source of blood for British patients, this in its self is an extrordinary revelation].

RFE, "Kazakhstan: HIV Scandal Sparks Search For Those responsible", .
    The number of children in Southern Kazakhstan Region diagnosed as being HIV positive has grown to 54. [This was an rapid increase, especially for a region where AIDS is so rare.] Two adults have also tested positive. Officials believe the children were accidentally infected with the disease in local children's hospitals, from transfusions with HIV-tainted blood.
    PRAGUE, September 15, 2006 (RFE/RL) -- At least four children have already died from the HIV-tainted blood they received at hospitals in the Shymkent area. Officials at the three children's hospitals involved in the infections were sacked along with the chief of the provincial health department.
    Slow To Investigate
    But although the first HIV cases were diagnosed as early as May, the chief of the Shymkent prosecutor's investigations department, Kanat Mamaev, only announced an investigation into the source of the infection this week.

The Scotsman, "'Destroyed' files key for haemophiliacs given infected blood", 14 January 2006.
    COPIES of previously secret files released last month in Scotland may hold the key to helping hundreds of haemophiliacs and other patients infected with hepatitis C or HIV in the 1980s and early 1990s in their fight for compensation.
    The government admitted yesterday that the majority of files documenting meetings between the Blood Transfusion Service (BTS), health boards and consultants had been accidentally destroyed. But campaigners lobbying for people infected through NHS blood products said last night that copies of some documents, released last December by the Scottish Executive under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI), would allow lawyers to construct a "legal jigsaw" to pursue cases throughout the UK.

WSWS, "Irish blood bank "knowingly" risked using contaminated products, Dublin tribunal told", 10 October 2000.
    The Irish Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) knowingly risked treating haemophiliacs with contaminated blood products during the early 1980s, the official Lindsay Tribunal sitting in Dublin has heard. More than 200 Irish haemophiliacs were infected with HIV and Hepatitis C as a result, including young children. Seventy-five of these people have since died.

BMJ, "Japan apologises for HIV infected blood products", 24 February 1996.
Japan apologises for HIV infected blood products
    The Japanese health minister, Naoto Kan, apologised last week to people with haemophilia who have become HIV positive through infected blood products. Mr Kan's apology marked the first time that the government has admitted its culpability in failing to introduce heat treatment for blood products. The use of heat treated blood products could have saved 1800 Japanese people with haemophilia from becoming HIV positive.


New Scientist, "Pandemic-causing 'Asian flu' accidentally released", 13 April 2005.
    The virus that caused the 1957 “Asian flu” pandemic has been accidentally released by a lab in the US, and sent all over the world in test kits which scientists are now scrambling to destroy.
    There are fears the virus could escape the labs, as the mistake was discovered after the virus escaped from a kit at a high-containment lab in Canada. Such an escape could spread worldwide, as demonstrated in Russia in the 1970s.
    The flu testing kits were sent to some 3700 labs between October 2004 and February 2005 by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), a professional body which helps pathology laboratories improve their accuracy, by sending them unidentified samples of various germs to identify.
    The CAP kits - prepared by private contractor Meridian Bioscience in Cincinnati, US - were to contain a particular strain of influenza A - the viral family that causes most flu worldwide. But instead of choosing a strain from the hundreds of recently circulating influenza A viruses, the firm chose the 1957 pandemic strain.

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