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US taxes pay $700 million more aid to Israel than to all Africa

Israel is asking America for a further $10 billion dollars to help build its economy, in addition to the $2.1 billion per year of American tax-payers money which is already paid to the Israeli military.[1]

For example, one government department, The United States Agency for International Development, is paying Israel $720,000,000 dollars in 2002 from generous American tax-payers, which will be used to support the Israeli military in their fight against the Palestinians and for defence against other Muslim countries.

  “These funds will be used by Israel primarily for repayment of debt to
  the United States, including re-financed Foreign Military Sales debt.”

In comparison to the $720,000,000 dollars of financial "aid" which the American government is giving to the Israeli military in 2002, during the same year the United States of America will give $20,100,000 dollars to the entire region of South Africa.

An extraordinary $720 million to the military of Israel, a first-world developed nation. A generous $20 million to the [mainly Muslim] poor third-world developing countries of South Africa.


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"The Insider" mailing list article, 22 October 2002.

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