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Western way of life is unhealthy and unhappy despite the glamorization

Modern life 'biggest health fear'

The fast pace of modern life is the biggest health worry, a survey says.

The public cited lack of exercise, lack of sleep, fatigue and stress in their top five concerns with passive smoking and drinking much lower down the chart.

Two-thirds of women, compared with 58% of men cited lifestyle factors, the poll of more than 5,000 people by Legal and General revealed.

Public health experts said the results reflected the pressures of the 24/7 society that now existed.

People were asked what they had worried about in the last three months in the poll.

Lack of exercise came top as the number one health concern cited by 48% of respondents.

Lack of sleep followed at 42%, then fatigue, 34%, availability of NHS dentists, 29% and stress, 27%.

Passive smoking was mentioned by 15% of people and drinking by just 12%.

Food additives such as salt, colouring and preservatives, were cited by a fifth.

'Poor lifestyle'

Chris Rolland, director of healthcare at Legal and General, said: "It's becoming clear that people are far more worried about the way we live our lives rather than smoking and drinking.

"There are few things more important in life than our health, so it is vital that people look at the causes of a poor lifestyle to ensure their health is not compromised and hopefully prevent burn-out."

Angela Mawle, chief executive of the UK Public Health Association, said: "This research shows that the 24/7 society is getting to us.

"Blackberries and mobile phones mean we are always on call. It is hard to slow down and people struggle to find the time to relax.

"This has obvious health implications, but it is also important to recognise that we are bombarded by so much news that sometimes our perception of things does not mirror reality."

It is easy to build the issue up as "more of a problem" than it is also, she added.


BBC News, "Modern life 'biggest health fear'", 8 September 2006.


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