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British police attacked bystanders after 'terror' raid on house, another propaganda stunt with no factual justification

*** Armed police attacked and assaulted the neighbours, when they raided a house in a Muslim area and arrested two local residents, shooting one of them in the shoulder. The story inevitably became instant headline news around the world, servicing the propaganda needs of the US, UK and Israel. It was all just another blatant propaganda stunt, with no evidence whatsoever and no reason. The Muslim men arrested were eventually released, but this wasn't such big news. Most people will be left only with the impression made by the initial story about high profile raid. As always in the "war on terror" the truth is not as high on the news agenda as the lie, therefore the lie persists. ***

Second inquiry into terror raid

A second independent inquiry will be conducted into last month's anti-terror raid in Forest Gate.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) confirmed it will investigate claims by neighbours of the raided house that they were assaulted.

One man claims he was hit with a machine gun.

The IPCC says the new investigation is separate from an inquiry launched last month into how a man was shot in the shoulder during the east London raid.

Brothers Abul Koyair, 20, and Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23 - who was shot during the 2 June raid - were freed without charge after the 250-strong police operation at their home, 46 Lansdown Road, and adjoining house, number 48.

"The IPCC can confirm that it has received a complaint from the occupants of number 48 Lansdown Road and is conducting an independent investigation in relation to this," it said in a statement.

"This investigation is separate from the IPCC's investigation into the discharge of a police firearm during the raid at number 46 Lansdown Road, although it is being conducted by the same investigation team.

"We have not yet received a formal complaint from the occupants of number 46 Lansdown Road."

The Metropolitan Police have since apologised for the "hurt" they caused the two brothers arrested.

Mohammed Abdul Kahar, who was shot in the shoulder, has said he had thought he was going to be killed by robbers targeting his home.

"I thought one by one they're going to kill us. At that time I thought I was going to die," he told a press conference following his release.


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