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British historian faces 10 years in prison for questioning Holocaust

A British historian is on trial in Austria today for expressing an opinion which is deemed illegal by the powers that be.

David Irving will plead guilty to the crime of "Holocaust Denial" which carries a 10 year jail sentence. The evidence against him was recorded at a lecture he presented 17 years ago, in which he questioned the evidence for Nazi gas chambers, and he has been monitored and pursued ever since by the ADL and the Jewish lobby. A similar law applies in other European states. Laws like this imply that the authorities would put people in prison for thinking illegal thoughts, or holding a censored opinion whether or not the opinion is expressed, if the technology were available to detect such "thought crime" -- as it might be in the distant future.

The persecution of European Jews in Nazi Germany was a key element of the allies' war-time propaganda at home, and was the official reason for the creation for the state of Israel after World War II, when the British military evicted the existing population of Muslims to create a haven for the diaspora Jews of Europe.

Asking questions about the Holocaust can be offensive to Jews, one of the ethnic and religious groups persecuted singled out as subversive or potential "terrorists" by the Nazis. Yet newspapers throughout Europe recently published cartoons known to be offensive to Muslims.

There is a dark irony in this event, since the greatest lesson of the Holocaust is the grave danger of treating one particular group of people differently to another.


BBC News, "Irving Holocaust trial under way", 20 February 2006.
    British historian David Irving is going on trial in the Austrian capital, Vienna, accused of denying the Holocaust took place.
    The charges relate to a speech and an interview he gave in Austria in 1989 in which he denied the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz.
    Mr Irving has told the BBC that he will plead guilty.
    Holocaust denial is a criminal offence in Austria which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.
    Asked if six million Jews died, he said "millions of people died".
    He also said there was "evidence that some gas chambers did exist".


BBC News, "Holocaust denier Irving to appeal", 21 February 2006.
    British historian David Irving is to appeal against the prison term imposed by an Austrian court for denying the Holocaust of European Jewry.

"The Insider" mailing list article, 20 February 2006.

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