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British police armed Irish terrorists

*** A policeman who served in Ireland admitted in a radio interview this morning that the police supplied Irish terrorists with guns directly from the police armory (Radio 4 at 09:07 GMT precisely). Loyalist terrorists acted with immunity and support from the Royal Ulster Constabulary's "Special Branch" (the secret police employed by the British regime). There has been no further mention of the story in the mainstream media. ***

Fergal Keane talks to Johnston Brown, a former RUC detective. When he joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary at the height of 'the Troubles' in the early 1970s, Johnston Brown thought he would be bringing criminals to justice.

Instead, he claims that he found instances of collusion between Special Branch officers and informers. Johnston Brown tells Fergal Keane about why he decided to speak out.


BBC Radio 4, "Taking a Stand", 24 January 2006 (09:00-9:30 GMT).


"Into the Dark", by Johnston Brown

"The Insider" mailing list article, 31 January 2006.

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