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Coca Cola poisons food and water in India

The Coca Cola company has been caught yet again literally poisoning the people in the third-world countries where its factories are located. A series of serious examples of industrial-scale mass poisoning activities have been exposed over a period of many years. The Coca Cola brand has become an international icon of imperial American capitalism, like McDonalds and other corporations. The drink contained cocaine to induce addiction, and it still is named after the coca plant today, but after changes in the law the corporation now uses slightly less addictive chemicals, including large quantities of sugar and the related drug caffeine to addict the children and adults who drink the beverage.


BBC News, "Cola companies told to quit India", 20 January 2005.
    Coca-Cola suspended operations at the plant on the orders of the state government after villagers complained of acute water shortages in the area.
    They claimed the company was releasing effluent into the underground water and using too much of it, leaving little for local people.

BBC News, "India finds pesticides in colas", 4 February 2004.

BBC News, "Coca-Cola's 'toxic' India fertiliser", 25 July 2003.

Coke Watch

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