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Music industry deliberately encourages gun crime

If you are wondering why young men want to carry and use guns in oir streets, you will find part of the answer in the images used by the music industry to promote rap music.

The British government has made it a crime to "glorify terrorism", a problem which has kills on average 0 people per week in the US and UK over the past 10 years, but turn a blind eye to thr glorification of a much more real form of terror which is celebrated and glofified by corporations in the images and lyrics of the "pop" music that our children listen to every day.

The images of "popular culture", a culture invented and promoted by big business, also include young women and girls prancing around dressed in clothing that would not look unusual in a brothel doing and saying sleazy things. Meanwhile, boys and men are literally encouraged to dress, behave and speak like "gangsters".

For example, why does the web site of the world's most popular rapper, 50 cent, whose music includes titles like "Get rich or die tryin", wnd whose lyrics openly celebrate drugs, guns and crime, have a gun on the front page? This is a typical example:-

No wonder a search on Google for the words "rapper" and "shot" finds over 2 million results:

Why do we allow these dangerous elements to influence the fabric of our society?

"The Insider" mailing list article, 19 November 2005.

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