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Top US officials admit being Israeli agents

*** Two Israeli agents have been caught spying for Israel. Both occupied senior positions in the US military and intelligence network, from which it would have been possible to influence the gathering and assessment of US intelligence and major foreign policy decisions for the benefit of Israel, such as helping the Bush administration to justify invading both Iraq and Afghanistan. Israel may have many agents in the US government, which could help to explain many policies and decisions which would otherwise be difficult to justify, for example the decision to disarm Iraq's WMD when no such weapons existed. ***

Washington hit by double spying scandal

In a double spy scandal, federal officials said they were investigating the first known case of espionage inside the White House and a defence department analyst pleaded guilty to passing secrets to Israel.

The justice department is investigating whether Leandro Aragoncillo, 46, a former marine who worked in vice-president Dick Cheney's office, passed classified documents to politicians in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Lawrence Franklin, 58, an analyst whose expertise included Iran and Iraq, pleaded guilty to passing secrets to a pro-Israel lobbying group and an Israeli official.


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    A top US Defence Department analyst with expertise in the Middle East has pleaded guilty to giving classified information to an Israeli embassy official and members of a pro-Israel lobbying group.

"The Insider" mailing list article, 07 October 2005.

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