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Israeli drugs baron wanted by US courts escapes from jail

*** An major international drug dealer from Israel, who is believed to be one of the largest single suppliers of illegal drugs to the US black market, was broken out of jail by men who apparently identified themselves as American or Israeli intelligence officers. Israeli mercenaries are known to operate a commercial jail breaking operation, and these gangs are so effective and international in their capabilities that the Israeli secret service, Mossad, may be involved. ***

Israeli in Uruguay jail breakout 

An Israeli wanted by the United States for questioning about allegations of drug-trafficking has escaped from a top security prison in Uruguay.

Guards were reportedly tricked by men claiming to be intelligence officers, who said they had to move Yeroham Alal and another inmate to a different jail.

Earlier this year, he was caught trying to escape while dressed as a woman.

The US is seeking his extradition - it accuses him of being one of the biggest ecstasy dealers in California.

Mr Alal was detained in August 2004 in the Uruguayan beach resort of Punta del Este, after Interpol confirmed there was a warrant for his arrest.

He was being held in a high-security jail in the capital, Montevideo, while the extradition request was processed.


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