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London's armed police accidently kill grandma

Armed police 'pushed elderly Muslim woman'

A Muslim woman suffered a suspected heart attack after plain-clothes armed police allegedly pushed her when she tried to shield her grandson from guns they were pointing at him.

Kadija Hassan, 74, was in hospital yesterday after being taken ill on Friday.

She had been walking with her daughter Aziza, 39, and 12-year-old grandson from their west London home to a mosque when they were confronted. Aziza said: "Three undercover police jumped out with guns. They were shouting 'put your hands up, against the wall, face the wall'. The ... men had guns and were pointing them at my son's head. My mum put her arm towards my son, and they pushed her against the wall."

Mrs Hassan, who does not want her son named, added: "My mum began to breathe very heavily, and police called an ambulance."

She says she was kept in a police station for eight hours. Scotland Yard said it would investigate.

Mrs Hassan says police asked her about her former husband, Abbi Omar, who they thought might be linked to the men suspected of last week's failed suicide attacks in London.

She said Mr Omar, 41, of Tulse Hill, south London, had visited on July 15 to say goodbye to the children because he was going abroad. He said he would be back in Britain on July 24 but has been uncontactable since.

The family flat, where he stayed occasionally, was raided by police last Friday. Mrs Hassan and the three children were allowed to return yesterday.

Inayat Bunglawala of the Muslim Council of Britain said the incident would "not go down well in the Muslim community ... The family should not be made to suffer for what the ex husband may or may not have done".


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    I have reason to fear the police's new shoot-to-kill policy
    "De Menezes acted suspiciously by running" is one line that's wheeled out to abrogate responsibility for a catastrophe. But if you're in an ethnic minority the errors seem to hit you thick and fast throughout your life. It really doesn't take that much for a police officer to be suspicious.

"The Insider" mailing list article, 29 July 2005.

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