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Israel violates Lebanese airspace again

*** The Israeli regime is sending war planes to escalate the deliberate violation Lebanese airspace, an act of war designed to provoke the government and terrorise the people of Lebanon. The Israeli air force have bombed Lebanon in the past without warning. It would be unthinkable for foreign war planes to violate the air space over the USA or Israel, a major international incident, and it is a tribute to Western propaganda and corporate media control that at the same time violations of enemy airspace pass almost without comment. ***

Israeli warplanes Thursday violated Lebanese air space with a nearly hour-long flyover, the Lebanese army said.

An army statement said eight planes were spotted flying over southern Lebanon, then moved further north over Chekka before returning south towards Israel. They spent 55 minutes in Lebanese air space, it added.

In another statement, the army said a drone surveillance plane had earlier in the day crossed the border flying over southern Lebanon for more than five hours.

Lebanon has complained repeatedly about recurring violations to the United Nations, which always urges self-restraint on both sides.


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