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New Zealand Prime Minister in plane crash terror

*** The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark, could have been killed when the door of her private jet mysteriously broke and swung open thousands of feet in the air. It looks like a freak accident, but it is almost unheard of for a heavily secured aircraft door to open by its self in mid-flight, and something was apparently stopping the cabin crew from closing the door again. Conspiracy theorists are speculating that this incident could be interpreted as a warning or even an attempted assassination. Helen Clark has certainly made some dangerous enemies. One year ago, when the government of New Zealand put two Mossad agents in prison, Helen Clark publicly rejected Israel's official response and imposed sanctions on the Israeli regime. ***

NZ PM in mid-air drama

A SMALL plane carrying New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark was forced to make an emergency landing this morning after rapidly losing altitude when a door swung open in mid-air, flight officials confirmed.

Ms Clark said she wondered whether she would "live or die" when the door dislodged and opened during turbulence on a flight from Rotorua in the cental North Island to Wellington.

The pilot sent out a distress call and diverted to the nearest airport, which was at Paraparaumu just north of the capital.

Ms Clark told National Radio she was sitting in the rear of the plane reading her papers when they struck turbulence without warning.

The sudden movement of the plane dislodged the door and as it began to open, two police officers travelling with the prime minister grabbed hold of it.

They could not shut the door, so they held on to it through the emergency landing.

"When the plane plunges like that, it's obviously quite shocking," Ms Clark said.

"When you see the door can't close you know that it is a serious incident."

Aviation authorities have been alerted and an investigation is under way.

"At this stage we're not quite sure what happened," Rescue Co-ordination Centre spokeswoman Heidi Brook said.

Ms Clark would not comment on whether the door on the six-seater plane had been closed properly before take-off, saying that the investigation would look at that question.


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    New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark says she is not satisfied with Israel's response to a diplomatic row between the two countries.
    Two Israeli men, who Ms Clark insists are spies, were jailed for passport fraud in Auckland on Thursday.

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