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Israeli military preparing for war with Iran

IAF to up long-range training for all threats, including Iran

The IAF and the IDF are prepared for all eventualities, a senior air force officer said Monday, in a veiled suggestion that one of its scenarios addressed Iran and its growing attempts to attain nuclear capability.

Iran is not the only threat the air force may have to contend with; there are also threats by terror groups to attack Israel from the air, a source in the IDF said. This is in addition to the stockpile of long-range missiles Hizbullah in Lebanon is believed to have in its possession.

If the government decides that a military solution is required, then the IDF and air force are responsible for supplying it, the officer told reporters during a briefing at an IAF base in the South.

While the officer failed to mention Iran explicitly, air force pilots are expected to step up their training exercises in preparation for long-distance missions in 2005.

Meanwhile, preparations are being finalized for the establishment of a new squadron of long-distance Sufa F-16a jets whose mission will be to deal with threats from afar.

Channel 1 reported on Monday that US President George W. Bush planned to embark on negotiations with the Iranians to prevent them from attaining nuclear capability. According to the report, European mediators assisted by the US will embark on talks with Iranian officials, offering them financial perks in the hopes that they will back down from their attempts to "reach the point of no return."

Iran has already tested Shihab-3 missiles which have a 1,200-km. range and are capable of reaching Israel and plans to arm them with nuclear warheads. It is also attempting to develop missiles with a range of up to 3,000 km. that would place Europe and Asia within its reach.

In July, Israeli security officials confirmed to The Sunday Times of London that Israel had completed military rehearsals for a preemptive strike against Iran's nuclear facility in Bushehr.


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