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92% of Jews settle in world's richest places

92 percent of Jews live in 20 richest countries 

Some 92 percent of the world's Jews live in countries in the upper two deciles of the Global Development Index (GDI), according to a report presented by the Policy Planning Institute for the Jewish People at a conference at the President's Residence in Jerusalem on Sunday.

Institute director Avinoam Bar-Yosef said this figure was significant in terms of Israel's attractiveness to the world's Jews as a country of residence, with findings showing a decline in the number of Jews coming to live in Israel from countries in distress. However, Bar-Yosef also noted that Israel is in the 12th percentile socio-economically, and therefore some countries in the upper two deciles of the GDI are below it.

Among the countries below Israel are Argentina, with 187,000 Jews, and Hungary, with 50,000 Jews. According to figures presented by the institute's demographer, Sergio Della Pergola, there are fewer than 13 million Jews worldwide, 5 million of whom live in Israel. 


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