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Israeli regime fails to apologise for sinister New Zealand plot

New Zealand government rejects Israel's `feeble' apology

Wellington has rejected an official Israeli apology on the matter of two alleged Mossad agents who were apprehended and jailed after attempting to obtain fraudulently a New Zealand passport.

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark said yesterday that Israel conveyed its apology via Wellington's ambassador to Turkey, but said the tone of the apology was feeble and unacceptable. Israel is seeking to end the diplomatic crisis so President Moshe Katsav can visit New Zealand as well as Australia next month.

Elisha Cara and Uriel Kelman were arrested in New Zealand in March 2004. The two were tried, convicted and sentenced to six months in jail and fined 50,000 New Zealand dollars. They were released three months later and deported to Israel.

Government sources in Wellington said that Israel's apology consisted of nothing but a general expression of sorrow. The sources stressed that the apology did not meet New Zealand's demands, that Israel must clarify what the alleged agents were planning to do with the passport, to reveal whether passports were obtained fraudulently in the past, and to promise that no such activities would be repeated.

Clark appeared yesterday in a press conference alongside Australian Prime Minister John Howard. The Australian prime minister tried to downplay a recent incident in which an Israeli diplomat was expatriated after the Australian media reported he maintained a relationship with a female employee in Australia's Defense Department. Howard stressed the incidents in New Zealand and Australia were not related. 


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